4/13/04 the electoral collage, and the U.S. two-party

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Essay No.1
The United States does not have a legitimate democracy. Our society
has gotten too far from the original idea behind democracy: One man, One
vote. In this essay I will discuss what constitutes a direct democracy as
opposed to a representative democracy, the electoral collage, and the U.S.

two-party system.

Here in America we have a representative democracy. We vote for
representatives to make decisions for us. In other types of free government
like direct democracies, people vote directly on most issues, including
their leadership. Here in America an overwhelming amount of the public
could vote for one candidate and the other guy could still win the
election. In fact in our last election the president, “elect,” did not earn
the popular vote.

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In America we elect electors for each state to vote for us. This pool
of electors we call the electoral collage. Some states split their electors
votes to go to different parties. In a state that doesn’t split their
votes, like Washington, if more than half of the electors votes are
democrats, all of their votes are counted for the democratic candidate and
vice versa. So if 49% of a state is of one party, (the losing party in
that state) they will have zero say in who the next president will be.

Every four years we all have to make a decision, actually two.

Should I vote this term, and do I vote for the democrat or the republican?
The two candidates with a chance to win are always representing a tiny
percent of the people, and the real question for most of us is: what
candidate represents the lesser of the two evils. In other democracies when
a person goes to vote for president, they can choose between many
candidates. Not only that but there vote actually counts.

I believe the system that once made us all free is now being used as
a tool to control a population. We have no real say in what happens here.

People don’t vote because their vote really doesn’t mean anything. People
want to believe they can make a difference, even if the obvious fact is,
that they cannot.

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