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Amber SaittaPBSMEDICAL EXAMINERAlternate NamesForensic Medical Examiner1They examen bodies to discover the cause of deathThey determine the cause of death and the situation at the time of death They collect evidence, freeze bodies, store and log evidence, conduct autopsies, look at organs and how they were functioning, write reports and conclusions for cases, gather evidence to support their testimonies, and find out if the death was planned, an accident, or by natural causes (if it was caused by a disease then they would identify which),  look over the person’s medical history, contacting the family, looking at death certificates Determining the cause of death, writing testimonies and finding evidence that linking to the death50-60 hours of work each week, usually normal hoursProblem solving, willing to think outside the box, good judgment and decision making, and communication skillsHard to get a job (sometimes have to be elected), emotionally hard to deal with bodies, a lot of schooling, working with a lot of the same peopleGood pay, someone’s life is not hanging in the balance the person is already dead, opportunity teach medical students, good hours, each day is different24 years of secondary school and bachelors, must be accepted to med school, have to get an  MD/DO, 3+ years of residency, 1-2 years of forensic pathology Must have a college degree and pre-med courses, eligibility and must graduate from medical school and complete a F.P. residency and fellowship program. Schooling usually take 10+ years to complete ( Education credits to maintain license State licensure and and board certificate required by most employers  Ability to communicate, problem solving, and typing skills  3This jobs earnings are on the high end of the spectrem making, according to 2016, about 180,000 annually. This statistic is nation wide. Obviously, in bigger cities pay would be greater to to a greater need. In SC, you are likely to make about 185,000 annually, this is slightly above the national average. By going into forensic pathology, you are likely to make more due to more training and experience. 4I think this job is for me, because it makes a lot, is exciting and in the medical field. I have a hard work ethic, communication skills, problem solving, and I am interested in science. These would all be helpful in this career. In class we are learning about a crime scene. A medical examiner would have collected evidence and determined the cause of death. They would have used a lot of blood analysis, examined body, and reviewed medical information (that’s what we are doing in the case of Anna). Farmer. J. (2014, August 15). 20 Questions: Owen Middleton, MD/ME. SND. Retrieved January 23, 2018, from Scene Investigator Edu. (2018, January 2). What is a Medical Examiner?. Crime Scene Investigator Edu. Retrieved from Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2016, July). U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Medical Examiner. BLS. Retrieved January 23, 2018, from

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