(Date) to gradually dry out, the residents

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(Date) Due to the inadequate supply of water for the last one week, which has led to most of the overhead tanks to gradually dry out, the residents of “____________ (Apartment Name)” are requested to use water with much precaution. It should be taken care that water is not wasted and taps should not remain in running condition.

Furthermore, the resi­dents are requested to have sufficient storage facility for water in case there is an emergency. It is however hoped that this critical situation will pass within the next seven days when the boring work, which is in process at the moment, will be completed. Inconvenience caused due to this sudden but uncon­trolled problem is highly regretted.

3. Circular Regarding Meeting

(Date) In view of the present market conditions, which is in a slump, thereby plunging the sales of the organisation and huge loss thereby, the Marketing Department has de­cided to call on urgent meeting of all the Sales Force of the department. All staff are to report sharp at ____________ (Time) on ____________ (Date), in the conference room.

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All docu­ments should be updated and no excuse of absent will be entertained. Those not attending the meeting will be asked for a written clarification. The meeting will be pre­sided by the Vice-President (Marketing).


Circular Regarding Farewell of Students

(Date) The final year batch of our institute has passed out with flying colours and most of them with a job in hand. This is the reflection of co-ordination of the Faculty and other staff, the sincerity of the student and an excellent record of placement by the placement division. In order to felici­tate the students, the institute has decided to give them a grand farewell in the conference room of Hotel ____________ (Hotel Name). All students of the institute are requested to present them­selves on this occasion to boost the morale of the stu­dents.

For further details contact: Co-ordinator (Programme) at the earliest. The farewell is dated ____________ (Date).

5. Circular Regarding a Fashion Show

(Date) This is to inform that Indian Institute of Fashion Technol­ogy (IIFT) is conducting a fashion show in ____________ (Place Name).

Inter­ested candidate can contact the Director, 11 FT at the be­low mentioned address. Those who are interested for passes can contact the Director of their institute. The pass entitles the entry of two persons only. No mobile or pager will be allowed inside the auditorium. The venue is ____________ (Address) and time is ____________ (Time) sharp. No person will be allowed entry after ____________ (Time). This is to be strictly adhered.


Circular Regarding Picnic

(Date) The students and the management of the institute has decided to have a picnic at ____________ (Place Name) on ____________ (Date). All the students are requested to participate. The charge for an individual is ____________ (Amount) and a student can also bring his/her brother/sister. The money should be deposited to the below-mentioned name by ____________ (Date). The bus for the picnic spot will leave the insti­tute sharp ____________ (Time) and return by (Time). It is therefore requested that students should reach the institute by ____________ (Time).

The amount includes the bus fare and lunch. How­ever students can bring whatever else they want, includ­ing games.

7. Circular Regarding Exams

(Date) In view of the disturbance which is continuing since ____________ (Date) regarding the irregular bus services and the Delhi Government’s order to take off all the buses which have not converted themselves to CNG, the school authority has decided to pre-pone the exams from ____________ (Date); instead of ____________ (Date). All the students are requested to meet their respective class teachers and note down the changed time-table at the earliest, in order to avoid inconvenience at the last mo­ment.

The dates for practical exams for the science stu­dent have also been revised, which also they can note down from their departmental heads.

8. Circular Regarding Indiscipline in the Institute

(Date) Of late, it has been observed, that some students of dif­ferent departments are causing nuisance after their class and creating noise which is disturbing the students of other departments. Moreover, they are misusing the tele­phone of the institute for their personal reasons and not properly utilising their time in the library.Keeping all these activities in view, the institute has decided that no stu­dent should be found wandering in the corridor or creat­ing nuisance to the other students, and should immedi­ately proceed to their house once their class is over.

Failure to comply with the management instruction can lead to penalising the student and can even lead to his or her rustication from the institute. No excuses henceforth will be entertained.

9. Circular Regarding Admission

(Date) This is to inform all the below-mentioned students that they should take their admission latest by ____________ (Date) failing which their candidature will be rejected and no pretext will be entertained by the management.

The students should meet the Registrar of Admission with ____________ (Amount) for Semester I in the form of bank draft and three passport size photographs. Those who intend to have the hostel facility, should make an additional pay­ment of ____________ (Amount) and also inform the management of their decision latest by ____________ (Date) failing which the student has to make his own staying management.

10. Circular Regarding Sports Day

(Date) On ____________ (Date), the Foundation Day of the School, the school management has decided to host “Sports Day” which will include athletics, badminton, table-tennis, hand ball, kabbadi and a tug-of-war between the students and the teachers. Interested candidates can register their names with their respective class-teachers and the cat­egories in which they want to participate.

All the classes will have to take part in “March-past” for which the class with the best overall performance will be awarded the “Champion Shield”. The guest of honour for the day will be the Lt. Governor of ____________ (Place) while the Chief Minister will be the Chief guest.

11. Circular Regarding Summer Vacation

(Date) This is to inform all the student’s parents that owing to a sudden increase in the temperature, the school author­ity has decided to pre-pone the holidays from ____________ (Date)• instead of ____________ (Date). The school will, therefore, re­open on ____________ (Date) instead of ____________ (Date). All the students are requested to deposit their fees by ____________ (Date) in order to get their result-card. Wishing you all a happy vacation.

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