Although Mongolia’s tourism season is relatively short, the number of tourists visiting Mongolia has grown steadily over the past decade. Tourists from 2000 to 2017 increased about 15 percent per year. (Mongolian Tourism Association, 2015). The tourism sector is important to improve the economic capacity of the country and to create environmentally friendly smokeless industries, and to promote the culture and education of the people.


            In recent years, there has been a steady increase of 10%, but the number of tourists is too small compared to other countries.If a foreigner sees it, Mongolia really has so many tourism companies, tourism can be very much developed. But the reality is not. 338,000 tourists are actually just too small compared to other countries, like our neighbor Kazakhstan. (Mongolian Tourism Association, 2016). It’s hard to say that the number of tourists is getting rich. In fact, Mongolia can not use or exploit its resources.


            But it is not the main goal of Mongolia to attract millions of tourists.And there is no chance for tourists to come here as well. Therefore, it is a long-term destination for tourists and tourists, with a nature-rich culture and nomadic lifestyle. However, today we didn’t have enough potential to provide good promotion for only fewer than 400,000 tourists.

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            Therefore, there is an enormous number of issues in the field of tourism, such as the expansion of tourism marketing, promotion of tourism, and the development of tourism in order to attract more resources that are not used in Mongolia. One way to improve the economic benefits of tourism is to connect with other leading economic sectors which is includes the aspect of Mongolian traditional culture and heritage which is oriented to tourists needs. Obviously, this requirement is not a common problem for the private sector and the state to work together.


            This research explores the new themes that could be to attract the tourists and how to handle global trends throughout the tourists’ expectation from our country. That is why we need to understand the Tourists’ Behavior in Mongolia’s case.


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