Although Whether the incident be major or minor,

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Although a person’s driving
habits typically come natural throughout one’s life, a single collision may
alter those habits forever. Whether the incident be major or minor, the
aftershock may leave one feeling helpless. As feelings of stress follow the
accident, this may create issues that affect one’s health, lifestyle, and
driving skills. Unfortunately, I was recently in a car accident in the summer
of 2017, but the experience forced me to cope with the amount of stress I was
facing after the incident. Coping habits often determine the ways in which a
person adjusts to stressful events throughout their life.

As a person handles stressful
situations in their life, the importance of figuring out how to recover from
those situations is key. As stress produces a response that may cause feelings
of helplessness or frustration, the body is forced to determine how to recover
from these reactions (McLeod, S.A. 2010LR1 ). Unfortunately, I experienced a
minor car accident this past summer, which altered my perspectives of how to
live my life. Although the accident was minor and did not produce any injuries
to the other driver or myself, I struggled with the ability to remember, cope,
and recover from the event. As the stress following my accident continued to
heighten, my mental state and health began to decline. Moreover, traumatic events
such as mine may affect one’s ability to function properly in their life going

After a person experiences a
stressful situation, their coping efforts following the event may alter their
perceptions of life. As coping methods help people feel less overwhelmed,
stressed, and worried, the importance of using correct measures is critical.
Moreover, as a sense of guilt continued to weigh over my shoulders following
the accident, I decided I needed to make a dramatic change in my coping methods
or else my mental health would continue to decline. I learned to change from
using a problem-focused coping strategy, to instead, an emotional- focused
coping strategy, which made me focus strictly over the positive impacts
following my incident. Furthermore, as many people suffer after experiencing
traumatic events, certain coping methods may help reduce those feelings of
stress such as: identifying the cause of stress, focusing on the positive
outlooks of the event, and resting one’s mind with activities such as yoga or
meditation (Anton, 2015). Although an incident may leave a person with senses
of frustration and stress, the ability to cope will improve one’s mental
strength, behaviors, and lifestyle.

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As stressful situations may cause
feelings of unhappiness and depression, the use of coping methods will help people
accept, adapt, and recover to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Shortly after my
car accident, I learned how to better cope with my guilt of responsibility and
intense stress by focusing my attention on the positive aspects of my life.
Moreover, after suffering a traumatic event, a person’s mental health, and
future may be at risk if coping methods are not used properly. Although an
accident can forever alter a person’s perspectives, learning how to cope,
adjust, and recover from that event may help one view life more positively in
the future.

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