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readers can agree that Shylock is The Merchant of Venice’s most important
character, it is hard figuring out if he is an evil person, a clown-like Jewish
stereotype, or a sad figure that has lost everything due to the mistreatment he
has gotten. There are some moments in the play when Shylock acts for no good
reason, cruel, as he demands a pound of Antonio’s flesh as a deposit if he does
not return the loan. Another example is when he seems to care about the amount
of money his daughter spent when running away over the fact that his daughter
ran away. Other moments, readers see Shylock in a different light as if it
seems that he is only as cruel as he is because of the constant mentions of
cruelty he has endured from the Christians. Shylock says a long speech on how Jews
are also humans and he calls his search for revenge against Antonio. Shylock
seems to care about wealth more than people as wealth is related to power and
in 16th century Venice, the Jews had little power and were abused by the
Christians, so Shylock may have cared about his wealth because it was connected
with his power.



is a dramatic, smart, helpful and prejudice character in this play. She is
shown as being dramatic when, she dresses up as a boy to trick and deprive
Bassanio of his ring, but stops the prank before anything bad happens. She
proves to be smart when she begs Bassanio to stay a while to ensure he makes
the right decision when picking the caskets. In Act III, Bassanio receives a
letter from Antonio explaining that all his ships have crashed. When Portia sees,
that Antonio is a friend of her husbands, she offers to help pay the debt. She
shows prejudice when she talks about the Prince of Morocco and of Arragon, as
she judges them based on the color of their skin.




general, throughout the play there is religious Prejudice between people of the
Christian religion and people of the Jewish religion. Both religions show no
respect or each other. They insult each other and assumptions are made
regarding the personality of an individual based off their religion.

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