Also European countries have dominated some markets

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Also sometimes
we see instances where globalization is a threat to people around the world. Let
me point out how it is happening. Inequality- while the globalization has
spread out around the world the rich countries produce goods and services in
order to achieve the markets and then some poor nations are struggling with inequality
that they could not enjoy the benefits of globalization. Unemployment – when
there are less barriers to share knowledge people are going for developing
countries once they get higher education and then some poor countries remain
constant with unemployment in the higher rank positions in their businesses.
Countries have to face for inflammation because there can be rapid rise in the prices
of goods and services imported among many countries. European countries have
dominated some markets in Asian countries. It can lead to increased likelihood
of economic distractions of single nation influencing every nation and hence unfitting
the world leading to chaos around the globe. Smaller domestic institutes may
lack the resources to have competition with large international and
multinational companies and therefore maybe thrown out of business and make
losses. Since globalization involves traveling of people as well as goods from
one country to another, it can lead spread of some of the dangerous infectious
diseases known to humans which will be spread out around the globe then. Apart
from the above discouragements of globalization there can be many more added as
threats and it depends on the use of it and on how it sees globalization as a
benefit or as threats.

A number of participants connected together
to the development of the transactional business concepts to the globalization
as well. Many of these changes are depicting the long-term hazards that have
traditionally fallen out from the reinstallation of foreign policy in engagement
especially   for Asian countries. Developing the
institutional capacity – at both the domestic and international level is to address
these concerns will be one of the large challenges for the region in the next
century. Rapid economic growth in Asia is noted because now they also have
energy and the fuel. This leads to growing reliance on energy imports,
increasing the recognition of sea routes and all other transportation routes
all over the world.


can be political risks   of some areas the use of
energy has also affect to the environmental destruction, which several parties have
linked to societal threat. It
should be mentioned that the world is chasing for money and losing the humane
qualities. Every animal is being use for human’s purpose. Most of the endemic
species are not more in earth now.  The severe problem of
environmental destruction, together with the growing populations in the area
has increased some threat on food and water supplies. Coastal areas are full of
garbage and they keep cleaned only if there is foreign attraction and then
therefore must be cleaned. Although improvements in agricultural technology
appear likely to mitigate food security issues, water availability was cited by
several participants as a likely source of conflict in the future. People in some quantities does not have
daily consumption of water while the other part of the world is enjoying, playing
and wasting gallons of water. The combination of rapidly growing
populations in much of the developing world, increasingly national borders, and
disparities in economic growth rates, has marked a dramatic increase in
international migration. Some countries does not have their own culture or
nature because half of the population is migrants in those countries. Migration
has already emerged as a source of tension in Southeast Asia inclusion the Australian
continent. An Asian countries implement troops and naval powers to limit the
arrival of international migrants which were abundant in crisis period. Globalization
gave access to people to detect crimes, and reduce terrorism because it gave
the convenience of transportation and communication. But we can see that many
people around the globe misuse this and take the profit out of this but some
people said that this not the fault of the globalization but the people in the
21st century is responsible on these. Asia’s financial crisis and
the forces of globalization more broadly, may have a great effect on the region’s
economic stability. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum was unable
to give answers to the questions of financial crisis and then it has been lost
the trust of people with all of these problems everybody said that this uncertainty
is not good for future in the Asia. We should talk about the threat that has
come for Sri Lankan Domestic foods and business. They have been collapsed because
people are not buying local products but foreign foods as well. Sri Lanka is an
Island rich of resources to make livelihood more comfortable. But people are
not eating the local faring crops. Either these are not being exported to mother
country. Government attention and support has been reduced or taken away by
some other cases. Only few are proud to consume local products. Dairy products
companies in Sri Lanka import most of the powder milk packets to Sri Lanka and
that discourage the local milk farmers as well. These things happen to farmers
in northern rural areas of Sri Lanka. Multinational corporations are now well
developed in the country and most of the educated people are working there and
the line level workers are working for low salaries since it marked the exploitation
of human resource inside the country. Some people gets jobs but a portion of
the youth in country are with unemployment although they have qualification to
do jobs and experience to do jobs. Young generation with knowledge do jobs that
does match for them. They do those jobs because they can make money so easily then.
Globalization has created a big gap between the rich and the poor. People spend
money like more than they should while some part of the globe cannot survive because
they even don’t have their daily consumption meals. They don’t have money to
buy their needs. But some people have no idea what to do with their money. This
happens because globalization leads you to earn more and more profits than
expected. All the natural resources has been destroyed now. Animals are dead.
Earth is collapsing because people are thinking about only the near future. Environmental
pollution is seen everywhere. Numerous diseased has spreader all over the world
while millions of people die from bad meal habits.Certain industries in the world is under threat because
of the misuse of natural resources. Globe has gifted so much of natural
resources to humans. But what people does is that they use the globalized knowledge,
advanced technology and make use of all the resources without even thinking
about the future of the planet. China and some Asian countries have acquired most
of the power in almost every sector now days. India also as an Asian country
have climbed the ladder of the giants and have become energy source to the world
as well. Therefore what important is to rise and break these barriers. Globalization
is good up to a certain stage. But beyond that people should think about
nature, should protect animals, people and respect each other. World should
think about new innovations again only after they could feed each and every
human on earth every day. People are starving and dying while some people walk
thousand miles to digest their foods that they eat in days. Telephone has
connected people around the globe. Without misusing this people should use it
for a better world. The world needs to get healed now. In giant world countries
very harmful toxins smoke is emitted to the sky which spread long term
distraction of the earth and the spread of diseases to people.

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industry would likely experience a significant protracted decline .Another
criticism is the high cost of a comparative or absolute advantage to a
country’s own well-being if misuse. For example, China has become a giant
worldwide emitter of carbon dioxide thanks to its comparative benefit in
manufacturing a wide range of products. Other countries may have a comparative
benefit in mining certain natural resources – such as crude
oil – and mishandle the revenue generated
from those activities. A final disadvantage of globalization is the increase in
wage for workers, which can hurt the profitability of some companies. For
example, if a developed country has a high competitive advantage in developing
software, they may drive up the price of software engineers around the world, which makes
it difficult for foreign companies to compete in the market. Globalization has
a tremendous impact on international investors, and then when it comes to trade
issues that may impact a country’s exposure to globalization. President Donald
Trump, for example, has taken a protectionist stance when it comes to free
trade under agreements like NAFTA. The elimination of these trade agreements
could have an adverse impact on economic growth over the long-term since it
eliminates comparative advantages. Changes to trade policies can also have an
impact on individual sectors. For example, the United States solar industry has
long had a different relationship with China’s solar industry. The U.S. has
accused China of ‘dumping’ photovoltaic solar panels at unfair prices into the
United stated which could lead the U.S. to take action and introduce import
tariffs that could affect the entire solar industry. International investors
should be cognizant of these globalization-related factors and political
risks when
making investment decisions. Because
globalization is totally inconvertible, we must tell ourselves that the
benefits overcome by the disadvantages. It depends where we come from, but let
us first take a look at what these disadvantages are before we form an opinion.

We would not reveal the truth in
that, but what about the borderline monopoly that the largest companies in the
world have created for themselves? Apple, Exxon, Google, Sony, Samsung etc.
Whereas they were once who introduced products to the world, they are now so
big that politics and strategy are more important than innovation of those
products. The result of this is that smaller companies with innovative ideas
have an incredibly difficult competing. And how can they? If they’re lucky,
they’ll be bought out and walk away with a pay check; if not, they’ll just be
crushed, often purposefully, by a competitor that is literally a billion times
bigger than them

So now China is the Apple center
of the World. They produce the cheapest apple products, which will be
producing for more than 50% of the apple products in the world. A lot of people
up and down the East side of the world lost their jobs, but here is the counter
argument: China is not allowed to export apples to the U.S. This may be
different so soon but for the time being, China is able to put a lot of people
on the East Coast out of business without even selling the product in the same
country The lesson of the story is that another country can do what you do
better and dropped you out of your corporation without even looking you in the
eye. That is the globalization. But to be fair, the damage we have done to
China and the benefits we took advantage of (cheap labor) are largely more
important. Why can we be fair in this matter? 
We hardly need to spell this out, but we will add a thought or two.
Globalization has created a global-sized request for fuel and industry, and
this need has been criticized and ignored to the extent that the future of life
as we know it has been brought into problem. You may or may not accept in global
warming, but you cannot deny the truth of the conversation. Does the fact that
this conversation is happening not say something in itself? Have we put our planet into trouble? Now obviously,
yes. The counter argument against this fact is that we could not possibly have
caused so much destruction to our precious planet. The information says in the
other way.  We have to agree that we have come
into over half of the world’s tropical forests. It is not an easy task to
change the current situation of the atmosphere. 
The atmosphere ends closely 60 miles above the surface of the Earth. It
is just not that voluminous. It is not limitless. It has a limited. It is
actually not big and when we work together internationally, even
the bad side effects of all the amazing things we accomplish are, in a word,

So it is our duty to make sure that
we understand this huge problem and work together to protect the world and also
to rise up as nations to protect our own traditions and cultures.

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