Almost that ” save paper, save the planet.”

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Almost each
American watches  commercials for over one
hour in a day ( Daily News). It

means that
advertising can affect people’s ideas and lives. Advertising has several

such as setting a
good example and job opportunities for people. However, it is claimed that

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advertising has
bad influence on the children, and it can also lead to alcoholism and smoking


  The first advantage of advertising is setting
a good example for people. Several countries

attempt to show
public considerable advertisements because these types of advertisements have

useful influence
on the people. Therefore, the advertisers of the countries use innovative and

advertisements for better life and world. For example,one slogan is Danish

is said that ”
save paper, save the planet.” Another benefit is that these kinds of the

can increase
reading rates. For instance, there is one advertising in China, and it is about

significance of
reading books. The meaning of the advertising is that books can alter people’s

Advertisements can also cause healthful life because the advertising of healthy

and sports is
effective way to get people’s attention to better life.

    The second advantage of advertising is job
opportunities because a big proportion of talented

people is
unemployed in the world. Consequently, advertising agencies are a great

for some capable
people, such as painters, singers, footballers, and actors. These people can

make money, and
public recognize to them. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt

started their
careers with commercials.

     Nevertheless, some people claim that
advertising can affect negatively to children for some

aspects .One of
the  principal factors is increase of
obesity among children. Researchers have

found that almost
each child watches many food advertisements and 86 percent of them are

about unhealthy
foods, such as fast foods. However, each child watches one advertising

about healthy
foods in a week ( The New York Times, 2013). It can lead to violent behavior

among children
because children believe most of the advertisements. Sometimes cartoon heroes

fight  and shout each other in advertising and
children begin to copy their behavior because they

think that the
behavior is right which cartoon heroes do it.

     Furthermore, it is generally believed that
advertising can cause alcoholism and smoking

effective alcohol and tobacco advertisements convince people to buy it ;
however, it

is fact that
alcohol and tobacco is harmful for people, especially young people and

If young people
like alcohol advertising, they will probably have desire to drink vodka in the

future ( Journal
of Health Communications, 2000 ). Therefore, some countries have constraints

and prohibitions
to adverse vodka and cigarette. For example, alcohol advertising has been

forbidden in
Russia since 2013, and it has also been prohibited in Sri Lanka since 2006.

advertising has been forbidden in Italy since 1962, and it has also been banned

Ukraine since

     In conclusion, positive sides of
advertising are setting a good example and job opportunities;

nevertheless, most
people argue that there are negative impacts on the children, and it is also

reason of
alcoholism and smoking. I believe that disadvantages of advertising outweigh

advantages  because it can cause  obesity and violent behavior for children,
and these rates

probably will
increase in the future.



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