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Introduction Book Title: Al Capone Does My Shirts Author: Gennifer Choldenko A Summary Statement About This Book: This book is about a boy who moves to Alcatraz island with his family, causing his whole life to change. This story takes place on Alcatraz Island in 1935. I feel the theme of this book was that even the worst of people can do some good. Mathew Flanagan (aka moose) is the main character in this story. He is a twelve year old boy who is sensitive. He has brown hair and is taller than his father.

Another character in this story is Natalie. She is moose’s older sister. She is 16 years old and is autistic. Piper is the warden’s daughter. She often plays with moose. The beginning of the story was when moose and his family move to Alcatraz Island, so his father could get a job and his autistic sister could go to school. But when his sister isn’t accepted to the school there moose has to held take care of her after school. When he meets piper he knows that she in nothing but trouble but he can’t stop hanging out with her.

The middle of my book was when moose and piper start taking children’s shirts and getting them washed at the prison then selling them back to the children telling them Al Capone (a famous mobster) washed them. In the end of the book piper has her dad get Natalie enrolled in the Esther P. Marinoff School and moose is able to make more friends. I liked that piper helped get Natalie enrolled in school. I would recommend this story to another person because it is very interesting and keeps you on the edge. This story teaches you morals and that even the worst of people can do some good.

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