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Albert Gore, Jr., b. Washington, D.C., March. 31, 1948, a U.S. representative (1977-1985) and senator (1985-1992) from Tennessee, was elected to the vice- precidency oh the United States on a Democtratic ticket with Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas in 1992. he is the son of Albert Gore, Sr., who was also a congressman (1953-1971). Gore was reared and educated in the District of Columbia and graduated from Harvard. he was a newspaper reporter before securing his first public office. as a moderate senator and a respected environmentalist, he ran unsuccessfully for president in the primaries of 1988 but chose not to run again after the near- fatal injury of him young son in an auto accident in 1989. as a vice- president, he enjoyed an unusual degree of access to the president, who reportedly relied heavily on his judgement

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