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completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from College of Science
and Technology, Royal University of Bhutan in 2009, I have joined Druk Green
Power Corporation Limited, a hydropower company mandated to investigate and
manage hydropower assets in Bhutan. Before arriving at Deakin, I have been
exclusively involved in the planning, design-engineering and execution of
hydropower and infrastructure projects carried out the company. I believe that the Master’s Degree unlike
Bachelor’s Degree is an independent-study program focused on research-based

first research project that I have carried out, as part of a partial
fulfillment of a Bachelors program, is on the ‘Influence of compaction moisture
content on unconfined compression strength of residual soil blended with
cement’ under the supervision of 2 college lecturers. The topic of project was proposed
and finalized after discussion with the group members and project guides. The
project involved carrying out research as well as intensive experiments in
labs. Integration of information through research and the results obtained from
labs was found the most challenging part of the process. Preparing a concise
and clear Abstract was another challenge I have faced. However, with timely
guidance from guides and good team spirit developed amongst the members, the
project was completed on time and with quality, which I found was the most
rewarding part. The research project was finally presented for assessment and was
well-received by audience. Research
Project to be carried out at Master’s Level would require extensive research on
the topic including proper referencing styles.

a week’s IAP, I have realized that I can learn and adapt to the western style
of learning (independent and research-based learning). It was a whole new
experience for me to learn in a multi-diverse environment of international
students from various background and found to be deeply enriching. Face-to-face
interaction with teacher and group discussion was instrumental in not only
improving my communications skills but also seen as an effective method of
learning and sharing of knowledge. Contrary to the education system (Indian
education system) I was brought-up with, I feel that western education system
provided more platform for students to be independent learners and explore their
area of weaknesses and improve on it which I think is the most effective
learning method. Digital literacy is considered inevitable in the western style
of learning which focusses on finding rational methods/techniques effectively to
solve problems through research and critical analysis. I learnt that the more approachable the teacher is, the more can we
learn through interaction in class.

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is a well renowned university in Australia and getting an opportunity to study
here is a great achievement for my qualification upgradation and my career. In order to successfully complete my
Master’s program in Deakin, I intend to carry out in-depth research on the
various techniques, methodology and appropriate referencing styles during the 5
weeks of IAP.

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