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After the 11 September attacks, the U.S. government acted quickly. The following day, President Bush called the attacks more than just “acts of terror” but “acts of war” and resolved to pursue and conquer an enemy that would no longer be safe. By 13 September 2001, the 5th Special Forces Group was ordered to stand up a forward headquarters to conduct operations in Afghanistan.The unit received its orders in the middle of October. Their mission was to assist General Abdul Rashid Dostum in conducting unconventional warfare operational area to make the area unsafe for terrorists and ruthless Taliban cities .Task Force Dagger, established on 10 October 2001, was built around the 5th SFG with helicopter they were assigned to infiltrate northern Afghanistan in order to help and support the commanders of the Northern Alliance.The first group of Task Force Dagger included seven members of the CIA’s led by Gary Schroen, who formed the Northern Afghanistan Team.The CIA team infiltrated Afghanistan into the Panjshir Valley, north of Kabul, on 26 September,They brought three cardboard boxes filled with $100 bills to buy support.Known by the callsign Jawbreaker, the team linked up with Northern Alliance commanders and prepared for the help of Army Special Forces into the region.Operation team alpha 555 and 595, bothwith 12-man teams, plus the Air Force combat, were the first and second groups of Task Force Dagger to enter Afghanistan.On 19 October 2001, in the first teams in Afghanistan were flown from a former Soviet airbase by MH-47E Chinook helicopters, escorted by two MH-60L Black Hawks into Afghanistan. Conditions were poor due to the Height and the low temperatures.The pilots refueled the helicopters at very low altitude under blackout conditions, flying using night-vision goggles, and without radio communications, The Black Hawk escort was forced to turn back when they could not clear a pass along the flight route., they flew into a sand storm and heavy fog which created near-zero visibility conditions.Special Forces A-555 and A-595 were put into Afghanistan at night in no visibility on two MH-47 Chinook helicopters. The teams arrived only 39 days after the attack on the World Trade Center.The teams were extremely closed in. They were hundreds of miles from any allied forces and any possible extraction was hours or days away. On arrival, both teams linked up with the Northern Alliance and American CIA advisers,Members of 595, part of Task Force Dagger, arrived in-country, the Northern Alliance troops provided the US forces with horses, the only way for the them to travel on the difficult mountain of Northern Afghanistan. “They were the first U.S. soldiers to ride horses into battle since 16 January 1942,The Afghan horses were all stallions and tended to fight each other, even with the soldiers on their backs. In conclusion the forces only had one injure in the time they were in Afghanistan. The team took out all of the city’s that they need to and finished there operation with a successful victory. Making that the first and coolest battles in Afghanistan. TAKE THAT TALIBAN

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