After Innovation and Information Systems: Concepts & Perspectives

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After having acquired the basic understanding, skills, and work experience in the field of information systems, it is essential that I combine my background with further education in management information systems to give me a unique competitive advantage in order to solve the challenges in the future workplace. This led me to apply to a graduate degree of Management Information Systems and Digital Innovation at The LSE. My primary objective to undertake this programme is to have a deeper understanding about the concepts of information management from the academic perspective. Courses such as Innovation and Information Systems: Concepts & Perspectives and Global Strategy Management, and Information Systems surely will be able to provide me the best theory and global practice of information systems, coupled with LSE’s resources in scientific research. What excites me more is the one-week Bootcamp group project where the students will not only obtain the theoretical knowledge but also will be encouraged to start the practical experience. In addition, I will enrich the discussion by sharing my practical knowledge based on my work experience in digital projects and the digital transformation trends in Southeast Asia.All of this knowledge can be applied in my home country, as I aspire to become one of the technology professionals and plan to involve in digital transformation journey in Indonesian companies or governance bodies. As one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, The UK will be the perfect country example to obtain the right knowledge, especially on the successful case study of UK Digital Government (GOV.UK) as a world leader in e-government. Lastly, my work experience and my background study cannot truly shape my mastery of all the advanced technology skills to generate insights from an information systems perspective. I sincerely hope to continue my study in Information Management Systems and Digital Innovation in The LSE to support my long term plan as well as my contribution to the wider society.

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