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After learning about the varieties of college courses for Aerodynamics, I believe that the University of Michigan holds everything I should know as an airline pilot. From years of researching and filtering out certain colleges, I can tell that not only does UofM. care about their Aerodynamics program but they are enthusiastic about it. Many impressive reviews have been written from businesses that have employees from UofM. Businesses like Ford Motor Company, General Motors, and even Microsoft. The Aerodynamics classes that are offered hold a great presence in even the most famous of companies around the world.Presently, I am a student at Subiaco Academy in Subiaco, Arkansas and am taking an AP Physics course and have a private pilot’s license. I plan to get a certain number of hours in the cockpit before the Aerodynamics class begins. Succeeding the course, I hope to become a professional pilot for Southwest Airlines. Having been enveloped in the art of airplanes and having both of my parents as captains for Southwest Airlines, I have a strong desire to carry on their legacy. Ever since I could first take a step, I’ve been amongst pilots who would take me up and show me the inside and out of an airplane. I was shown how the airplane makes its movements but to be a professional pilot, you must have more than just a knowledge of the airplane but also know the forces that allow it to sore in the sky. Aerodynamics is how that knowledge is comprehended and put into action. Pursuing this career would not only carry on my families tradition but it would also help thousands of people who would need my professional ability.My current goal is to obtain a bachelor in Aerodynamics and go to the West Michigan University: College of Aviation. I have sent my transcripts and applications to UofM and am sending in letters of recommendation. I am eager to finally begin this journey and am very grateful for the opportunity to attend this wonderful school. 

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