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After accomplishing the course, I would like to return to Viet Nam
and try the
strength of myself to apply for
PricewaterhouseCoopers, which is the second largest professional services firm
in the world and also one of the Big4 auditors, along with Deloitte, EY, and
KPMG. Besides, my second
plan is becoming a lecturer at my current university since I absolutely believe that with the
understanding and experiences obtained from your course, I would stimulate the
young Vietnamese generation with the passion and awareness of developing the
Vietnamese economy. NTU is the perfect destination that can help me
to gain job which affirm me for better contributions to my country. Firstly, NTU has earned the reputation such as Top 35 universities in the UK,
Top 15 in the UK for teaching quality, #1 UK university for outstanding student
services because of exceptional
graduate employability, top-class teaching, and
outstaning facilities, which creates for me an ideal
learning and research environment to establish a successful future career.
Furthermore, the effectively-structured course  would offer me
fantastic opportunities to study with teaching methods are centred around
interactive workshops, case studies, discussions, business simulations and group
activities, which is essential
for me to deeply understand financial knowledge
as well as
improve my hands-on experiences. Moreover, the
learning environment is not only
bring up chances for me to exchange ideas or perspectives with other exceptional students from different countries and specialists but also enable me to maximize
my capability.  To sum up, these reasons became the controller
encourages me to seek for the Postgraduate program at NTU. I faithfully hope that your prestigious scholarship program will
give me a chance to study in a world-class educational
environment at NTU and I would highly appreciate your support.

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