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Advertisers play a huge part in our society by using rhetorical elements to convince their audiences of the advertiser’s message. The Mophie commercial is effective in convincing its audience because it uses the four elements of rhetoric and the rhetoric proofs to appeal the massage of the commercial.         The Mophie “All Powerless” commercial uses the four rhetorical elements effectively. The commercial starts with a man who was filled in fear and worry for what is about to happen. The main purpose of this ad is to convince audiences to support and buy their product. The target of the commercial is to everyone who has an iPhone or cellular devices. The mood of the commercial was upbeat and earthy. The commercial also use rhetorical proof ethos, pathos, and logos to appeals the quality of Mophie “All Powerless” phone cases.Pathos is the Greek word for both suffering and experience. The words empathy and pathetic are derived from pathos. The Mophie “All Powerless” commercial uses pathos to convince their audiences to buy their product. For example, there are fish falling from the sky as the storm comes. There are animals everywhere in the city. These are some examples of how some people feel, when their phones die. Throughout the rest of the commercial, a storm is coming. There are floods, fires, a dog leading a man on leashes. The pathos of this commercial are fear, and anticipation. Ethos is the Greek word for character. The word ethic is derived from ethos. The ethos of the Mophie “All Powerless” is experts. Ethos was used in this commercial with the message, “When your phone dies, God knows what can happen.” The policeman has lost his confidence as he looks at the storm. This explain there are some people, those who lose confidence when their phone dies. This means the Mophie charger can save people from struggling when their phone dies. The music of the commercial was controlling and convincing the audience by .Logos is the Greek word for word; however, in rhetoric it is used to describe the type of logic used to make a logical argument. The logos of this commercial are inductive logic. The Mophie “All Powerless” commercial uses the word God to show how people were depending on cell phones. This explains the meaning of “When your phone dies, God knows what can happen.” clearly. Mophie was not a well-known brand; not until the Mophie “All Powerless” commercial was released. The commercial shows how some people feel stressed out without their device, but the Mophie case can solve this problem. The audience for this commercial is almost everyone who has an iPhone or a cellular device. The Mophie “All Powerless” commercial attracted their audience by showing a mophie power case is just the start of what is to come. The quality of the mophie case product attracts people. Millions of phone cases were purchased, showing how technology has developed and still will develop in the future.

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