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Advantages of solid work

So there are
many advantages for solid work for instance it is cheap so not only big
companies can afford it also independent contractors can also afford it, also
universities can also afford it as well as colleges for students to learn how
to use it

Solid works
is also reliable because more than 3,246,750 worldwide engineers and product
designers use solid work and with at least 240,010 organizations use it
worldwide (reference So those
numbers alone just go to show that solid work is reliable, because if it was
not then those figures would not be so high.

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Solid work
is simple to use because solid work has a built-in intelligence so meaning that
solid work can accelerate your design process, so for instance if you had two
parts of separate drawing solid work can get those two parts and simply can
attach them together and make just one part instead of two.

With solid
work you can create 2D and 3D drawings with automatics updates. So if you were
looking for a quick and simple drawing you can go for 2D, or if you wanted a
more complex and more professional drawing you can use the 3D drawing

With solid
work you can easily send your work by using emails by just saving your work and
sending your saved document through email, this can be used for business,
educational, or other purpose.

Disadvantages of solid work

There are many disadvantages of using Solid work, for
instance when you might be working on a very important project your computer
could crash suddenly and you can loss all your work and may need to restart if
not saved. Another disadvantage would be that your computer can get an
unexpected virus or your computer could get hacked and if that happens there is
a high chance of not getting your data back and that may lead you to start all
over again. Experts would suggest for you to mirror your work meaning that your
work should be saves in multiple hard drives in different location to prevent
any work from being stolen.

Another disadvantage of solid work would be that, for some
people it may take a long time for them to learn the basic. For someone to
learn solid works they will need to be trained from someone and that will cost,
or they can self-teach themselves and that may even take longer. There is the
time and cost of training staff to teach other people to learn as well.

Electricity is compulsory as in some countries around the
world as some suffer from power shortages. At any moment if you are in one of
those countries you can lose power and if you lose power, you lose electricity
and if you lose electricity you lose your unsaved work.

Another disadvantage for using solid work is that is not
compatible with a Mac platform and that it only works on a Windows platform.
And with the many operating systems it only works with Windows 7, Window 8,
window 9 and windows 10. 

What I learned in my
Lecture class involving Solid work

On the 18th November 2017 my Lecture taught the
class about Solid work. Solid work is a software that is highly comparable to
AutoCAD that lets you to draw 2D and 3D shapes for instance bridges, buildings,
mechanisms and etc… at the start of my lecture my whole class was sat down and
taking notes on how start up Solid work.

Once we were comfortable to use solid work we were given
small tasks by the lecture to complete to prepare us for the real task in hand
once we completed the practice drawings. The small practice drawings were to
see how good our skills were so that if you were ready you can move on to the
next tasks, however if you were not then the lecture would of gave you more
support until you were. Once we were ready our main tasks were to draw a
gearbox with the components ready to use, so what we had to do is to attach the
right component to its correct position and once that is complete you would
have yourself a gearbox.



Why choose solid work
over Auto Cad

Solid work has more advanced surfacing features than AutoCAD
for instance: Create mid surfaces, create organic shapes, create planar
surfaces, Deviation analysis, freeform radiation surface, Gaussian analysis and
much more, however Auto Cad has none of those features.  Another reason why to choose Solid work over
Auto cad is that it supports more languages than auto Cad. Solid work has a
range of simulation packages as auto cad has no simulation tools included.

How to use Solid work
in a simple form.

Now I would be explaining the very basics of how to use
solid work for starters and I would be explaining in a similar way that how I was

To use solid work 2017 first what you have to do is open
solid work. Once you have opened solid work you click on new that should be somewhere
on the top right corner, after once you clicked new you should have 3 options
Parts, Assembly and Drawing. And depending on which one you pick the system to
it would be different and the work method would be different as well.  

Parts – is a 3D
representation of a single design component.

The easiest step by step way I can explain on how to use
solid works is that first you will need to learn the following steps that I will
talk about however all these steps may not be necessary to create a single

First click on the settings icon that would be located on
top of your screen, then click on option and then click on units to select the
following measurement unit you would use to create your parts. The following
options of unit goes as:

MKS (meter, kilogram, second)

CGS (centimeter, gram, second)

MMGS (millimeter, gram, second)

IPS (inch, pound, Second)


Once you have selected the right measurement for the drawing
you will need to learn some simple techniques, however these techniques would
be useful for beginners. First you would need to learn how to set up a new part
document, creating the base feature, adding a boss feature, creating a cut
feature, adding fillets, adding a shell feature, editing features and then you
would have a completed part.  


Assembly – a 3D arrangement
of Parts and/or other assemblies. So for a better understanding is to get two
or more parts/components and arrange them together to make one 3D model or more
depending on what you are creating.

Once you selected Assembly, the same goes with assembly you
would have to select the unit of measurement by simply following the
instruction I gave for the Parts. And the most basic stuff for Assembly that
someone would need to know is how adding parts to an assembly, moving and
rotating components in an assembly and creating display states in an assembly.

To load up a part is very simple all you would have to do is
select the Open tab that is located near the top left of your screen and simple
select the part/parts you created and saved then it should automatically load

Drawing – if you
pick Drawing you would open a page for 2D engineering drawing, typically of a
part or assemble, so for a better understanding it is for 2D modelling.

Once you open up drawing it would ask you what sheet size
you like A1, A2, A3 or A4 or you can custom sheet size. Now you would again
like the previous options select your unit measurement you would like to use
for your work. When you do open up the Drawing you would see that you will have
a template ready for you and if that template is missing or you would like to
change anything you can always customize the template. For the drawing you can
also use your Parts and Assemble.

The most basic stuff that someone will need to learn for
Drawing is inserting standard views of a part model, adding model and reference
annotations, adding another drawing sheet, inserting a named view, printing the
drawing as it may be a little complicated for some users.

History of solid

In the year 1993 the founder of solid works Jon Hirschtick employed
a team of engineers in the hopes of making 3D CAD technology more manageable.  In the year 1995 marked the release year of
solid works software, and within two months it was gaining reputation and
allowing engineers to gain advantage of 3D CAD so that way Solid works was
winning accolades for ease-of-use. In the year 1997 SOLIDWOKS was sold for $310
million by global lifecycle technology giant Dassault systemes S.A.


In this assignment
I have explained what is solid work? And I have explained the advantages and
disadvantages of solid work, also I have been explaining what I learned and
what I did in my lecture classes that involved solid work. I also explained why
you should choose solid work over auto cad and I explained how to use solid
work in a simple form. Lastly I also explained some of the history of Solid work.

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