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Oh, they’ve encased him in carbonite. He should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing
process, that is.”
– C-3P0
As any Ugnaught will tell you, there’s more to Cloud City than just Dark Deal or a bad case of gas. One of
the more eagerly awaited features of Cloud City was Carbon-Freezing, and, although it isn’t exactly the
most stable strategy to base a deck around, it can still serve as a healthy deterrent to anyone foolish
enough to attempt a takeover of Cloud City.

But before you can serve your guests a chilled side of Solo, you’ll need to stock up on a few items. Most
vital is the Carbonite Chamber, where it all comes together. Contrary to what you may think, it’s often best
to hold off on deploying the Chamber until all the necessary components for freezing are in hand, since, if
your opponent occupies this battleground site, you face an automatic penalty to your Carbon-Freezing
destiny draw.
Naturally, you’ll also require either All Too Easy or Carbon-Freezing to activate the Chamber’s
mechanisms. All Too Easy is the better side strategy, requiring neither a captive nor a separate destiny
draw, but it can only be pulled off once and lacks the hefty 8 Force loss incurred by Carbon-Freezing
(unless, of course, you happen to have Pray I Don’t Alter It Any Further face-up; keep your Darth Vader With
Lightsaber handy). Carbon-Freezing also has the additional advantage of being eligible for Twi’lek Advisor.

Nothing like starting the game with a head start!
You’ll also need some means of artificially enhancing your destiny draw for Carbon-Freezing. After all, it’s
not like there aren’t too many 11-destiny cards out there. The Chamber alone adds two to your draw, but
that’s not always enough. Ugnaughts can serve as both cumulative one-point bonuses to your destiny, and
Prepare The Chamber can also strengthen your chances of success. It’s all easily found by flipping a few
switches on the Carbonite Chamber Console, a handy-dandy device that boosts your Carbon-Freezing
draw by three.

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And, finally, you’ll require a captive. While this stipulation may have been bothersome back in the early
days, recent innovations have made it less of a hassle. You can begin the game with a captive in play if
you’re using the Carbon Chamber Testing.
Objective, or you can steal your opponent’s captive if the Light Side is using Rescue The Princess. Oo-ta,
Goo-ta, Solo? is a hassle-free way to take a few captives if your opponent is a Nabrun Leids fan. Hidden
Weapons is a nasty surprise in battle, and All Wrapped Up makes capturing a natural result of battle. But
some of the best options available have – horror of horrors! – green borders. Zuckuss’ Snare Rifle and
Dengar’s Blaster Carbine are both weapons that can snag captives, and both can be deployed on your
bounty hunters easily with Jabba’s Through With You. And we must not forget the terrible IG-88 With Riot
Gun, a take-all-prisoners killing machine who cannot even be battled, making him a perfect Sniper.
Now that you have everything you need (finally!), it’s easy to freeze. Just draw, add your modifiers, and voila!
There’s your frozen captive, who is far more secure than other captives, since he’s encased in liquid metal.

Furthermore, your opponent loses eight Force, quite a hit to take. If you wish, you can go for the big guns
with two wicked Utinni Effects. The Emperor’s Prize is just the ticket for that player who thinks Luke and
company is all he needs to stop any threat. Once young Skywalker is ‘frozen,’ relocate him to the Death
Star: Detention Block Corridor with his old man and your opponent loses half his Life Force! While it may
seem like a long shot, it’s easy to find the Detention Block, either with Sonic Bombardment or the more
recent Any Methods Necessary, and who doesn’t play with Vader?
If your opponent is more of a team player, you can set a lovely trap for him with We’re The Bait. Freeze any
one of Luke’s best buddies and watch the farmboy scramble to save them, since he’s losing three Force a
turn. If he tries to cheat and hire Nabrun Leids, you may as well play Oo-ta, Goo-ta, Solo? and earn yourself
another Rebel juice pop in the making.

All this may seem like it takes too much deck space to be worth the trouble, and in many cases it is. But
many of these cards have other applications. Ugnaughts are notorious patrons of a certain Den Of
Thieves, they admire Abyssin Ornaments and Ugloste gives them more bang for the buck. Prepare The
Chamber, aside from increasing your Carbon-Freezing destiny draws, can add an extra battle destiny if
your little porkers are defending. And, if you’re using This Deal Is Getting Worse All The Time/Pray I Don’t
Alter It Any Further, they’ll even increase your total battle destiny by four points when they’re with Imperials!
All Too Easy is a less card-intensive means of freezing Luke, Han, Leia or Chewie if you’re interested in
The Emperor’s Prize or We’re The Bait. And the mechanic fits right into capturing-related decks.

“We would be honored if you would join us.”
–Darth Vader
All this is only scratching the surface. Cloud City can support almost any sort of deck you can imagine.

From the popular Dark Deal to the deadly Carbon-Freezing, there are more kinds of decks that can be
based on Bespin than nearly any other system. It might be worth your while to take a long, hard look
through your binder and reconsider cards and concepts you may have forgotten two years ago. You just
might find a Surprise or two. And the drama! Zube and Zube give Cloud City two thumbs up.
Time for some equality!

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