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Gender refers to the distinction between males and females which are apparent in the society. More often than not, men are usually perceived as playing a dominant role in the society while women are viewed as lesser beings. For instance, just like many other societies around the world, in America, boys and girls are socialized in different ways.

During their childhood, they receive several socialization messages on how they should behave in order to succeed in life. These messages vary depending on their gender. For example, when frustrated, most girls tend to cry while the boys tend to act it out. This kind of socialization flows over to the adults in their places of work.

In order to successfully supervise across the gender divide in the work place, the supervisors in any organization should put the gender disparities into consideration. They should endeavor to understand individual employees depending on their socialization. Lack of this understanding may impede on the success of most women at their places of work, while both males and females may go through preventable stress.

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Nevertheless, it is the duty of all employees to ensure a working environment that is free from gender-based discrimination. However, it is fundamental for the supervisors to receive some form of training so as to effectively handle arising gender issues in the work place.

The training should focus on how to appreciate the value of gender diversity within the workplace. This kind of training is vital as supervisors are the people who are held responsible for correcting any gender-related issues that they notice or issuers that are brought to their attention (Jonson, 2011).

The supervisors must be well equipped with federal, state and local employment regulations that govern gender diversity. As a matter of fact, the USDA as well as the REE agencies are armed with civil right policies that forbid unlawful gender-based prejudice in the work place.

Moreover, the Griggs, V. Duke case stipulates that, it is illegal for an employer to isolate, limit, categorize the workforce, deny them employment opportunities or unfavorably affect their status on the basis of their gender differences. The act advocates for the use of competently created capability test, as long as the tests are not planned or intended to show favoritism to the employees (U.S. Supreme Court, 1971).

The supervisors in any organization should persuade and support both men and women who desire to be considered for promotions to strengthen their resumes through enrolling in training institutions and engaging in career development tutorials.

The employees should be encouraged to form workplace affinity associations as well as In-house Affinity associations that enhance communication among career-minded individuals regardless of their gender. The supervisors should facilitate the formation of these associations depending on the height of interest and employee expertise.

The supervisors should also train the employees on employment laws that forbid gender bias in the workplace. Such laws include the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Moreover, they should also be good role models and offer supervisory leadership demonstrating loyalty to just employment practices (United States Senate, 2009).

In addition, the supervisors should enhance objective, sincere and courteous, communication within the workplace. This is because several gender-related issues in any organization are as a result of poor communication and misunderstanding.

The supervisors should also constantly review the standard of performance in the workplace in order to establish whether there are any prejudices such as assigning non-conventional duties to a particular gender. This will also help to check any hurdles that may hinder the achievement of professional goals (Jonson, 2011).

In conclusion, it is important to appreciate the value of gender diversity within the workplace. Proper communication and understanding in the work place are vital ingredients for productivity in any organization. These values can lead to effective teamwork, improved sales, fulfilled customers, increased job fulfillment, increased harmony among the employees lower stress levels and reduced sexual harassment in the workplace (Jonson, 2011).

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