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According to the journal ‘Leadership
versus Management: A Key Distinction—At Least in Theory’ by C. Lunenburg,
organizations should acquire strong leadership and management qualities for
optimal effectiveness. Other than that, the journal includes that people who
are not in the management positions tend to perform better in terms of being a
leader (Bass, 2010). Some
scholars see them as extreme opposites, as they believe that good leader cannot
be a good manager and the opposite is true (Ricketts, 2009).


Leaders tend to have a vision of what can
be achieved as they constantly communicate with their followers and evolve
strategies in order of realizing the vision. Managers however ensures that the
available resources are well organized in order to output the best results and
prevent mistakes that can cause losses towards the organization. In today’s day
of age of a vigorous workplace, an organization needs both effective management
and effective leadership for optimal success (Kotterman, 2006). An argument
rises whereas leadership and management are two distinct, yet complementary
systems of action in organizations. Specifically, the author stated that
leadership is about coping with change, whereas management is about coping with
complexity (Kotter, 1987). Management and leadership skills are important in an
organization to provide good services. Despite both management and leadership
being similar in some respect, they are involved in different types of outlook,
skills and behavior. A good manager should strive to be a good leader while a
good leader needs management skills to be effective (Barid, 2017).



A well balanced
organization should have a mix of leaders and managers to succeed (Kotterman,
2006). Based on my opinion, leaders are used to create new changes and managers
implements them. Leadership skills and management skills should both be
practiced for each person in today’s day of age. This is to promote flexibility
and increase the effectiveness of higher rank people in an organization in
order to guide the organization smoothly by being both a good leader and

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V. Roberts (2016), How Managers
Need Management Capability As Well As Management. Training Journal.

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