According n.d.) Like many treaties it’s a broad

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According to “The New Zealand’s government system is strongly influenced by the Treaty of Waitangi.

The Treaty of Waitangi is the signing document of New Zealand. The Treaty is the agreement signed by representatives of the Queen of England and leaders of most Maori Tribes when Britain first claimed New Zealand as a colony in 1840″ (, n.d.)Like many treaties it’s a broad statement of principles and upon this is how the two parties who agreed over the stated principles would form the government of New Zealand.The Treaty is like an exchange of promises between parties to it.

In keeping with New Zealand  “New Zealand celebrates the signing every year with a national holiday on 6-th of February every year” (newzealandnow.

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order now, n.d.)In another article on it is stated that “The Treaty is very important because it governs the relationship between the indigenous people, Maori, and everyone else and ensures the rights of both Maori and Pakeha are protected. The principles of the Treaty are referred to in several Acts of Parliament.

It is an important part of how New Zealanders work and the New Zealand education system” (, n.d.

)This article on also gave examples of how the effects come in use “Under the Treaty effects comes the seven guaranteed reserved seats for Maori representation. Another example of the Treaty in action is fisheries. Maori now have significant control of, and rights to, this important natural resource.

To further help protect and preserve the language and culture, radio frequencies are reserved too”. (, n.d.)Understanding the Treaty is important to understand the influence it has in every aspect of life.

The Treaty has been translated in to 30 languages so more people can understand this important part of New Zealand. There are quite a few websites that talk more about Treaty of Waitangi: only more information but the original document images can be seen on the NZ Archives websites which is so cool. 

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