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According to Institute of Education University of London, “Learning … that reflective activity which enables the learner to draw upon previous experience to understand and evaluate the present, so as to shape future action and formulate new knowledge”. We as a student is not strange to learning. We know that learning is hard for some people mostly teenagers, students, and even baby and kids. Most of them are struggling with their study. They think that learning is stressing. Especially when you think you will get a good score, but the fact is you are not, this can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. But don’t worry, like Rick Riordan said: “There is always a way out for those clever enough to find it”. We are going to prove you that learning is not stressing, but learning is fun. And for that, we have the way out how to learning or studying effectively.             Flash cards are the way to learning effectively. Learning with flashcards can be a fun and interactive educational experience. According to Vanier College, flash cards are one of the best methods to use for studying and memorizing information. You can use flash cards to learn just about any information for any class, such as vocabulary, mathematical equations, and formulas, terms and definitions or main ideas and topics. Why must flash cards? In our opinion, there are several reasons to prove that flash cards are so effective.             Firstly, flash cards are using spaced repetition learning technique. Spaced repetition was first appeared in the book Psychology of Study by Prof. C. A. Mace in 1931 and in 1973 Sebastian Leitner presented his “Leitner System”, a spaced repetition learning technique based on flashcards. Spaced repetition is an effective way to build a memory and increase the memory about information. Our memory is naturally lazy, it will forget whatever it seems unused and by repetition or learning the information many times in direction of spaced interval, it will convince our brain to recall the information. According to biology, repetition will increase dendrites and reinforce myelin sheath that both of them will strengthen nerve cell. And it will increase the capacity of the memory.             Secondly, We found that flash cards are the most helpful in a quick revision, easy and handy to carry. Flash cards can be used when you have free time to review the material for the daily tests. This is so effective to review when you are on the way to school, waiting in line, or in between classes. Rather than having to carry around a book or notebook, flash cards are easy for you to bring it every time. Therefore, having flashcards in yourpocket is always the best and quick revision for you.             Thirdly, Flashcards are cheap and you can make it at home. Flashcards just need a simple material to do it by yourself at an affordable price. And maybe you can find the material at your home. You just need a small piece of paper, ballpoint, and paper clips. If you have marker, crayon, coloring pencil or something to decorate your flashcards you can use it to make the flashcards look pretty.             Next, flash cards can be used many times. It means you can reuse flashcards for many times. For example, when you make flash cards for the first time for a test, you still can use it again at the final exam with the same material that you made. Break your flashcards up into several, related groups. People tend to memorize the first and last things in a series first. If you have a lot of flash cards, the mid-section is very big and therefore takes a long time to learn. Study the flash cards in small groups so that you can remember more!             Flash cards are versatile. You can use flash cards for any subjects at school, college, university, or work. Flashcards can be a tool for studying to memorize vocabulary in studying a foreign language, mathematical equations, history class, some technical term, and others. For the tips, don’t wait to create your flashcards the day before the exam. Begin creating them right away, after every class (using your class notes) after every chapter you finish in your textbook.             Beside for teenagers, based on Learnmore Projects, flash cards can be used for children to learn in a fun way. With flashcards, kids will be able to know things around them, learning vocabulary, and others a lot easier. For more fun, you can put pictures on the front and words on the back.             There is also flash cards for babies andpre-school kids. Teaching them with flash cards is very beneficial because in this age they have such a great memory which makes it easier for them to remember things that they have learned. So, they will have more knowledge than kids around their age. The one for babies usually is designed more fun and interesting. Flashcard for babies and pre-school kids are filled with different fruit kind, animal kind, color, numbers, and alphabet. The paper is a lot thicker than the usual flashcard for teenagers and adult. The colors are more vibrant which interest baby to play with them. For example, the flashcards about animals have certain faux fur that babies can pet, different pattern and also toys. Another example, a dog flash card has faux fur that babies can play with, while a lion flash card has the head of a lion in a stuffed animal form including its mane.             In short, flash cards are incredibly practical and useful resource for teaching vocabulary and also they makethe learning process more dynamic. Flash cards are very useful for learning method and help us to memorize better, it is also good for babies and pre-school kids.             You shouldn’t wait to create your flashcards the day before the exam. Begin creating them right away after every class. Don’t put too much information on a single flashcard. Each flash card should be designed to teach you just one piece of information. Even if the information is related, it is better to have five flashcards than just one. When you studying with flashcards, you should review them often. Don’t just look through them once and put them away for the rest of the week. And don’t study your cards for long periods of time. Instead, study them for intervals of fifteen to twenty minutes throughout the day. The last one, parents should use this method, because this method helps to increase children’s memories, helps babies to develop their brain since such a young age, makes babies more active and responsive.               

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