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According Abraham Lincoln democracy is the rule of the people, by the people, for the people.However, in a government system where everything depends on the people, it is almost impossible for people to rule the country when they have little political knowledge.It is proven that Sadly public knowledge about politics is low. However, even if they do have somewhat of a knowledge of politics they are not able to use that knowledge to make a decision. Even the state of affairs has stated that the cause of bad and ignorant political decisions is irrational behavior, not low IQ levels. Meaning that people do have the capability to make rational and smart political decisions, but rather choose not to. ignorance and irrationality support and strengthens the option of limiting and decentralizing the political power of people. Because of this, I believe that government officials should vote for what they believe in instead of what people want.    I have two strong arguments to support my claim. First of all, public opinion is not a reliable guide to make policies and laws, especially not an accurate guide for government officials to base their vote on. Then I will explain why limiting people’s effect on the government isn’t a direct cause of political corruption.Public opinion is not a valid guide to making policies and lawsPeople often assume that public opinion is a valid guide to making policies and laws, however, it is not. Public opinion only determines what people want and doesn’t include the costs and risks of that wish. are politicians who consider public opinion irrelevant. Former British foreign secretary Douglas Hurd wrote in 1993 that “if we had followed the polls, we would have been in and out of the EU several times in the last 20 years. On matters of principle, like the monarchy and membership of the European Community, the job of the politician is to persuade, not automatically to follow. “As a matter of fact, the public can be wrong and has been wrong many times in the pastFor example, I found that the public believes at least a quarter of the UK population was not born here – the actual figure is much lower. And as Tony Blair remarked, when politicians listen to the public, they often find claims supported by opinions and non-academic arguments.However, most importantly public opinion doesn’t decide who is right, in fact, the public can easily be manipulated into believing in something irrational. People choose leaders that say whatever they want to hear. So in order to succeed many political figures resort to populism, and we can’t even accuse them of supplying people’s demands. Populist leaders turn to policies that will have benefits in the short term but will have damaging or no long-term results.They occasionally validate their arguments by commons sense instead of using actual facts.Political corruption isn’t a direct cause of limiting people’s effect on the governmentPeople say that government officials are suppressing the votes and the voices of the people by not representing the people and that centralizing the power of the government will cause political corruption. In reality limiting people’s power doesn’t directly lead to corruption, however, there are many examples where people have chosen corrupt leaders without even realizing it. People choose dictators and corrupt leaders in a democracy, and government officials are there to guide people not to follow.The best example would be Turkey. The country is being politically corrupted, and what led to this was the people’s votes. A few months ago the fate of Turkey was decided by the people. Majority of the people voted for Tayyip to have more power, they voted for the country to only run by one man.Supporters of the new constitution say it will improve decision-making by concentrating power in Mr. Erdogan’s hands, neutralizing powerful unelected officials. “From now on, it’s the people who are going to rule Turkey,” says Ufuk, a young Yes voter. Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe said “Voters were not provided with impartial information about key aspects of the reform and limitations on fundamental freedoms had a negative effect. People voted for a change that they didn’t even know the consequences of, falling into the trap of Erdogan. It is no surprise that most of Erdogan’s supporters are uneducated and poor, and it is proven that uneducated people are more likely to fall for a Populist leader. Erdogan makes them believe that their only hope is him, taking advantage of their vulnerability so they will believe his lies.Even after he didn’t carry out all the false hopes he gave them, he still had supporters. Their blind support is irrational and actually hurts them the most. Erdogan’s policies decreased the minimum wage, made agriculture harder and more expensive to buy food and could these people we the ones to be negatively impacted the most and still support him as stubborn as a mule?Easy.Ignorance. They also endanger the whole country by giving all of the power to one man. As Martin Luther King Jr, said:” There is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”.Political leaders should not follow or represent the people but guide them. I will accept the fact that it is really dangerous limit people’s power, which might lead to dictatorship however as I stated people often willingly choose dictators because of their uneducated and unguided stubborn opinions. People having less power won’t lead to a corrupt government, however, a populist leader that earned his spot with the votes of people will definitely cause corruption.Bibliography”Public Opinion Polls.” SpringerReference. doi:10.1007/springerreference_205142.”Why policymakers should ignore public opinion polls.” doi:10.1075/ December 17, 2017.  

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