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According to Google’s dictionary,
stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or
demanding circumstances. High School students, also known as teenagers, tend to
have a lot of stress because of different circumstances such as family
problems, school pressure, bad grades, future decisions (especially if they are
juniors or seniors), etc. High School is the most influential factor on
teenagers stress because of the pressure the educational system and teachers
exert on them. All these pressure has bad consequences on teenagers’ emotional
and physical health and that is what I am going to talk about in the body of
this essay.

High School pressure causes a big amount of diseases and stress on
students. This pressure and stress may cause bad reactions on the teenagers
like being violent or aggressive. Also, the stress that causes this pressure can
cause somatic diseases as lack of energy and mood, headaches, flu and loss of
appetite. All of these symptoms can relate to a depression disorder.

A teenager student is also influenced by the family and teachers
expectations and that causes more pressure than what they already have. All
these pressure causes that the student’s academic performance falls and
normally teachers thinks that students are being rebel or something like that
and that makes them exert more pressure provoking more bad side effects on the
teen. It is unhealthy to provoke all that pressure on a human being; nobody is
capable of having a good and healthy education under so much pressure. In
consequence, the teenager becomes auto-critical what takes he or she to become
a perfectionist in excess, to decrease his o her selfsteem, to think that they
are not enough, among others feelings that are just not okay for a teenager to

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In conclusion, a good education is not friends with pressure. High
Schools’ system education should have a little twist, it should be more
relaxing and funny, and that will help the student to acquire knowledge more
easily and to study adequately. Furthermore, when students get available to
feel the lack of pressure they will work with passion and love leaving all the
stress behind and the bad side effects of it. Finally, without all these
pressure and stress, the work of the teenagers, their emotional and physical
health will stay perfectly fine and going to the last but not least fact, they
will be happy and full of peace. 

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