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Pressure is one of the challenges that teenagers faces today. Through all the
perspective of parents
and teachers, most
students feel pressured on how they need to deal with their own studies. With
all the pressure that they faced as
a teenager plus their stresses that they also deal with. The researchers found
that academic pressure is
one of the leading cause of
emotional stress however, students may take this challenge a good thing by
means of proving their own
through their family that they could excel more and can cope up with their
standards that
the parents have set. But some students feel so pressured that they take all
their pressure negatively
and act differently from their parents leading
to disobedience and misbehavior. Through this,
the researchers
would like to find
out if academic pressure really increased
the students emotional stress specially as a teenager who deals with a lot of
stress in life. Their
behavioral status is important in molding their life as an individual.

grades are often an issue on the relationship between parents and their
and they usually put pressure on their kids to achieve it,
but the researchers observed a common reason
why parents do so. This type of
parenting or mentality can be observed mostly in Asia
but based on the researchers’
opinion, some Filipino
parents, usually cares
for their child’s future occupation
and their income to be
considered successful,
so parents choose
the course or program they
want for their kids to go to
even if they are
not passionate about it knowing that
their kids will be more successful than
what their kids chooses. Due to
all the pressure that the students occur
it gets even harder when they are suffering into some
emotional, mental and physical disorder. Through these symptoms that the
students felt, the researchers would like to know if there are
also some other factors including their emotional stress that leads to their
disobedience and misbehavior to their parents. The importance
of this research sought to differ students who feel pressured

          The Development of misbehavior and
disobedience as observed, often
differs on the child themselves and
on how they handle the situations and the pressure
from their parents.
Some children may have survived these
pressures and made
themselves successful because they
might have stayed strong or have
successfully handled their emotional stress and they were
raised to focus on their own goal,
but there are also children
who are not passionate about
what their parents want and
they might also be
forced to accomplish tasks and
activities that they don’t want to do and
as a result, the researchers
predict that the child will have
the idea to live the way they wanted and start to
oppose or disobey their parents which can lead them
to different misbehaviors and
these can happen on school, the
people around them or even at
their own
home. With this, the researchers would like to conduct a study
regarding students who feels academic parental pressure that leads to students’
disobedience and misbehavior.

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are pressuring their children academically to encourage them to achieve their
goals and to have a bright future ahead of them. Through this, being a parent,
they must need to give their best for their children. But sometimes it is too
much for the children/students to handle causing them to experience depression
and this may lead for the children to commit suicide. Parents should trust
their children and do not let their strictness empowers on the children because
it leads the children to misbehave and disobey.

According to a
study conducted by Sheikh and
Nasreen, the stress and anxiety felt
by the students can be the product of parents’ pressure.
Their study revealed “Themes” or
what may be described to be the reasons why parents tend to pressure their kids
by interviewing undergraduate students from the University of Karachi Pakistan.
Firstly, the parents may pressure their kids to
do well in
school because they invested their finance or money thinking
that it should have something good in return to them.
Secondly, they mentioned that people
commonly see educated people to be respected more and appreciated than less
or uneducated ones, as a result, parents value their
child’s education to be seen and gain social respect. Thirdly, students
tend to be pressured by their parents because of their siblings’
or relatives’ high achievement
of grades so, they tend
to be compared and expected to get to their level or even achieve much higher. The
fourth theme that were revealed was slightly
opposite from the first mentioned, because this theme says
about scholarship and that their kids should attain
higher and exceptional grades to enter these
scholarships to help in financial support. Lastly
is about the parents themselves, and they supported their children
to attain education from the very beginning until they finished and so they
tend to expect that they were the ones to be taken care of
their children once they are done. (Sheikh
& Nasreen, 2014).
The researchers thought that these themes are quite
reasonable, but these
pressures can greatly
have an impact on how they look on
things or what they may feel mentally,
emotionally or even physically and through
all these, they may
develop stress. A study from the
South China Morning Post made by Anjali Hazari, mentioned
that the common cause of stress that students usually experience
is their parents’ expectation and
these high standards
for their children’s education usually occurs in Asian
countries. (Hazari, 2013). This
study also mentioned and agreed that parents who have high standards
can lead their children to anxieties and disorders.  

Asia, the parents have higher expectation rather than in any countries.
(Sujatha, 2014). That’s why according to the Maps of India, India is known as
one of the highest rates of suicide aged 15 to 29 and the tenth reason of their
suicide is having failed grades and not meeting their parents’ expectation. According
to Sachin Tendulkar, children who feel academically pressure in India “ends up
victim rather than success. The study in India states that not all students who
experienced Academic Parental Pressure succeed and can cope up with their parents’
expectation. In 2014, According to India’s News, 2471 commit suicide because
they fail their examination. Some experts said that the main reason why
student’s in India commit suicide is because of parental pressure and
expectations. However, a study states that when a parent gets involved to their
children as early as the children starts to learn tends to be more successful
in life. The study also noted that when parents tend to get involved in all the
children activities there are an increase growth of educational system in that
significant place which tends to signify that a place with high educational
system has produced many successful individuals. (Hara & Burke, 1998; Hill
& Craft, 2003; Marcon, 1999; Stevenson & Baker, 1987)

experiencing pressure from their parents affects and can cause risk in the children
performance. It can change their behavior towards their environment and they may
think poorly on themselves. When the parents get to involved in their children
participation in school it could affect their relationship towards to each
other negatively. (Kates, 2015) There is also a study supported that Most likely
authoritarian parents focus more on how they exert authority to their child
rather than teaching them self-control and independence (Cherry, 2017)

researchers gathered both significant and some opposing points in connection to
their study. Most of the sources stating about academic parental pressure
having mostly negative impacts on the students and agreed that these pressures
could develop stress and mental disorders. These statements helped the
researchers gain more information and strengthen their points regarding stress
and misbehaviors and/or disobedience. The researchers conclude that parental
pressure may influenced the children negatively or positively depending on how
the parents approach their child. Since the researchers lived in Asia, which
has higher rate of students who experienced Academic Parental Pressure and
expectations that leads to the students’ emotional stress.

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