Abstract This research report aims at analyzing the

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This research report aims at analyzing the
failures and weaknesses of a famous and strong brand of its time, only a handful of Pakistani brands
enjoy a following like Dentonic, which has survived competition from
multinationals backed by huge marketing budgets. Dentonic’s first product was
powder, which was on boom throughout 1963 to 1969, considering market
comptetion toothpaste launched in 2000, but after that Dentonic started falling
in slump, since many marketing and advertising strategies were applied
to revive the position.


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first launched “Dentonic Tooth Powder” in 1961. Dentonic was 100% chemical free
tooth whitening powder, from the beginning dentonic got popularity in market,
and it was the affluent period for Dentonic Tooth Powder from 1963 to 1996 and
similarly Dentonic plus was its
extended product line was also highly popular in 2000, In 2002 toothpaste was
launched, because dentonic powder was loosing its market and profits, to revive
the product Mr. Alvi tried to follow the new trends of the market, but results
were unexpected and unfortunate. So Dentonic powder had been very successful in
but Dentonic Toothpaste couldn’t get the same fame and success as compare to
Dentonic Powder.


Mr Alavi Ceo & Founder of “Dentonic” wondered why the Dentonic
toothpaste did not come up with the success after Dentonic Powder. Management
failed to comprehend the unsatisfactory and low demand level of Dentonic
toothpaste among conventional customers of former product as Dentonic Tooth
Powder. Newly developed formula for Dentonic product as toothpaste launched to
address top quality and special needs of supreme class of cliental both
national and international areas.   In
same period of time, there were other brands in market, such as Colgate Palmolive,
P&G, GSK and Unilever – their brands were Colgate, Crest, Aquafresh, Close
Up and Pepsodent; also focused some cheap tooth pastes including English,
Sparkle, Shield and Doctor White.

First launch of the product, the TV advertisement for Dentonic
toothpaste represented a four persons family comprising of parents and two kids
– provided a pose for a family photograph. During session the family is
encouraged for smile expressions in amicable face changes.  Simulated actions sequence is adapted using an
audibly attracted tone notes to support theme to highlight the issues of pale
teeth, cavities and gum tars with allied suggestions for eradication and

As Dentonic Toothpaste’s
targeted market was upper class (A & B), retailers reported that the
product Dentonic toothpaste did not have an off take from the shelves.  The price appeared to be high and consumers
did not find value for money. Something drastic had to be done and Mr Alavi
decided to relaunch Dentonic toothpaste. So, CEO chose another novel strategy
to make campaign successful using two steps. Primary step of new plan was to
reduce price of the toothpaste product that is also being considered with
strategically observed with effects on the values of Returns of Investment
(ROI) and profits ratios. Secondary step in proposed plan was to reduce the
advertisement campaign cost just sticking to primitive Dentonic classic
advertisement style with similar norms. Mr. Alvi designed the monogram of the
product. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7toSwtup0AY)

CEO and management proposed
the new strategy using updated TV commercial for the Dentonic toothpaste by
placing single toothpaste in between two Dentonic powder bottles. Thus giving a
theme of replacement and upgradation of powder towards paste both in terms of
quantity and presentation. This technique was adapted to address the past
salient clients and customers of Dentonic tooth powder with conventional slogan
of Dentonic –” Dentonic twice a day, every day …” especially before going to
bed with cartoon face. The new commercial advertisement was aired on GEO TV
channel over a six months air time.

My research will be about “Why
& How “Dentonic” a strong brand lost its power in the market, since many
strategies were applied to revive the position.


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