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research paper is about the effect of Islamophobia in American Muslim society
before understanding the effect one has to know the definition of the term Islamophobia
is defined as an exaggerated fear, hatred, and hostility toward Islam and
Muslims. This perpetuate negative stereotypes resulting in bias,
discrimination, and the marginalization and exclusion of Muslims from American
social, political, and civic life. Americans see Muslims as a violent people
who support itineraries because hey perceive them to be threatening to their
physical well-being and cultural values but that is far from the truth. The
effect of Islamophobia in American Muslim society racial profiling because the
color of their skin and physical appearance, the second effect is bulling kids
who are school some times get bullied because of their religious background,
the last but not lest effect of Islamophobia is hate crime and
discrimination.  In combating the problem
of Islamophobia people need to interact with other people before being biased
against a group of people because of negative stereotypes.




The Effect of Islamophobia on American
Muslim Society

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Islamophobia according to the
dictionaries it is defined as an
exaggerated fear, hatred, and hostility toward Islam and Muslims. This
perpetuate negative stereotypes resulting in bias, discrimination, and the
marginalization and exclusion of Muslims from American social, political, and
civic life. Muslims Americas face Islamophobia every day of their lives. Such
religious prejudice existed before the terrorist attack of 9 /11 but it has rapidly increased during these past 10
years. The first thing one has to know is the definition of the terms. Islam
means “submission to the will of God (Allah).” Muslim means the followers of
the religion Islam. People tend to misunderstand the term Muslim and a
terrorist. A terrorist is a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation,
especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political, religious, or
ideological aims. There is nowhere in the definition that say Muslims are
terrorist. But people assonate the two terms and marginalize the whole Muslims population
by the action a small number of extremist. The major role in deceiving and
misleading of the American people is played by the Mass-media especially the
News-media. The media brainwashes people by assonating Muslims with terrorist
every time they talk about the Muslim religion. This creates an image in
peoples mined that every Muslim is a terrorist but the is far from the truth. The
effect of Islamophobia in American Muslim society is enormous Muslims face
racial profiling, bulling and abuse, and hate crime in their day to day lives.


Islamophobias effect on the Muslim
American Society comes in different ways. One of the effect Muslim communities
are facing right now is bullying.  Muslim
people especially children from the ages 8 up to 18 are being bullied because
of their religious background. This problem has caused those children to be
socially isolated. In an interview Imam Khalid


chaplain of New York University’s Islamic Center, said that many Muslims have
to choose between practicing their faith and “just being able to live day to
day.” The Muslim population has been marginalized in every sense of the word.
People are having a hard time fitting into a society that is not always
accepting of who they are. Some of the thing like wearing a hijab, growing a
beard, or fasting can be misconstrued and misunderstood by those who are biased
against Islam. “Islamophobia has been described as a type of racism that
oppresses American Muslims on the grounds that their perceived “Islamic
culture” is nefarious” (Considine, p. 8).


The racialization of Islam in the United
States and racial profiling is not based only on the beliefs in Islam, but
rather on the color of their skin and physical appearance that are associated
with Muslims. people who are not Muslims but who look like Muslims face the
same kinds of discrimination. There
is a common misperception that all Muslims are the same and all Muslims are
Arabs. Muslim, however, does not mean Arab (Moghul). When
Robin Richardson talked
about racial profiling he said:

…those established laws, customs and practices
which systematically reflect and produce inequalities in society between
Muslims and non-Muslims. If such inequalities accrue to institutional law,
customs or practices, an institution is Islamophobic whether or not the
individuals maintaining those practices have Islamophobic intentions.              

(Richardson 2004, p. 14)

has moved from the fringes of American society to the mainstream and racial profiling a person has become a
common thing.



People tend to dislike something they
have no knowledge about. A hate crime is understood as “a criminal offense
motivated in whole or in part by the actual or perceived group status of
another, such as race and ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation,

and gender identity. Hateful rhetoric towards American Muslims is common
nowadays people express of hostility in public areas, especially in airports
people show their hostility first by showing a discomforting facial expression
some of them go us for as using racial slurs and calling people terrorist
because of the religious background and their physical appearance. In his
research S. Ciftci he said “I
examine the various attitudinal dimensions of this concept and especially focus
on individual attitudes viewing Muslims as violent individuals who are
supportive of terrorism. While Islamic violence and extremism stands at the
crux of the debates about Islam, previous scholarly research, by and large,
investigated the general feelings about Muslims.” (Ciftci, p. 1) the hate crime
is going on in the name of national security toward his Muslims as a general
has become and normal day-to-day life to Muslim societies living in America.
Islamophobia has increased the hate crime towards Muslims is in record high.
Since Donald Trump has been elected the Muslim American society lives has
changed. Islamophobic people feeling empowered because of Donald trumps
speeches. His Islamophobic mindset gave the other people a platform to be more
openly discriminative against Muslims.


In combat the problem of Islamophobia sociological
imagination is necessary to eradication of ignorance. The misconceptions of
what Islam actually teaches believers practice should calm peoples fears that
it doesn’t indorse bizarre and inhumane behaviors. Individuals living in mixed
communities with various religious and ethnic backgrounds might be most open to
those different from themselves. They are less likely to be Islamophobic.
Individuals who are isolated tend to believe their perspective is only true
above all others.

a person gets to know others like their neighbor they can find out they have a
lot of things in common. As a human being all of us should remember we all come
from the same place.  

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