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Until now, most of the pulp and
paper production in the world is made from wood plant fibers. Due to the
increasing demand in paper industries and shortage of wood origin material in
paper-based industries, non-wood fibers have been explored to find the best
alternative raw material to produce paper. One of the non-wood fibers that have
potential of being raw material in paper-based industries is banana (Musa Sapientum) due to its similar characteristic
with wood fiber. Banana fiber has wide range of uses in handicraft industries to
make mat, rope and many more. Other than banana fiber, cogon grass (Imperata Cylindrica) is also an
agricultural waste which is capable to be raw material in paper-based
industries and hence preventing the environmental problems. Therefore, this
study aim to determine the suitability of banana pseudo-stem fiber and cogon
grass fiber for packaging paper productions. The method used to make pulp in
this study is chemcical pulping using alkali. In conclusion, recent study had
proved that banana fiber and cogon grass could be a good potential fiber
alternative in paper-based industries in the future. Sample 5 from 80%
banana-cogon grass mix fibres showed that it has the highest water absorbency
and nearly similar with the reference paper. Sample 5 also showed that it has
the highest tensile strength when compared to other samples which can withstand
force until 208.044N. The highest elasticity of paper was showed by sample 6
which contain 100% of banana fibre which has the elasticity of 6.603kN/m2.
From thermal analysis of paper that was testing by using Differential Scanning
Calorimeter, sample 6 showed that it has the highest melting point and hence it
reached the minimum
requirement to make a good paper which at 81.73 °C. From functional group
analysis of paper that was testing by using Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FTIR),
all of the sample showed that they have nearly similar peak and functional
group of packaging paper.


Keywords: Banana
trunk fiber; cogon grass; packaging paper; alternative raw material

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