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ABSTRACT Bendable concrete is also known as Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC), it is an easily casted and moulded mortar based composite compound. ECC is a class of ultra-ductile fibre reinforced material. ECC remains intact and safe to use at tensile strains up to 5%. Conventional concrete may fail at a load of 0.1% tensile strength. whereas in case of bendable concrete  the tensile strain may extend up to 3-7% when compared to conventional concrete. For to increase the bendable nature and workability of the ECC, admixtures like super plasticizer and fibres like poly vinyl alcohol may be used.Keywords: ECC (Engineered cementitious composite), poly vinyl alcohol fibre, super plasticizer. INGREDIENTS USEDCement- OPC of 53 gradeSandWaterSuper plasticizerPVA fibre (poly vinyl alcohol)CEMENTOrdinary Portland cement of 53 grade should be used, which has a specific gravity of 3.15.SANDThe sand passed through 4.75mm sieve, which has a specific gravity of 2.6 and water absorption rate of 1.23%.ADMIXTUREThe ready to use admixture such as VARAPLAST PC 432 is used. It has a specific gravity of about 1.08. the maximum effect achieved when the addition up to 50 – 70% of the water. The colour of the admixtures is of Brown.The challenge in making a lightweight concrete is decreasing the density of the material. PVA Fibre Poly vinyl alcohol fibre is a kind of fibre which is used in case of bendable concrete mixture PROCEDUREFirst the dimensions may be designed as 500*200*30 mm and a cube size of 70.6*70.6*70.6 mm. then water to cement ratio is 0.5. The ratio of concrete mix 1:2 may be used.Add cement, sand, 50% of water, super plasticizer & 50% of fly ash are to be added. Mix until the homogenous state is formed. And add the fibre slowly after the homogenous mixture is formed. CASTINGThe casting was done according to IS: 516 for mixing. The specimen was taken out after 24 hours.CURINGThe curing of the concrete was done according to the IS code. Curing should be done for a period of 28 days in a curing tank with a temperature of 25 degree CelsiusTEST ON CONCRETEAfter the stage of curing the bendable ECC compound may be tested in following cases:Compression test &Flexural testCONCLUSION:In this paper, the mix design of the bendable ECC compound is discussed. The compression and flexural behaviour of the ECC compound may tested after 28 days of curing.On the final report it may discussed clearly about the flexural behaviour of  the concrete.

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