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Education plays an important role in our society .It is
necessary for upbringing of a person . We are facing so many problems in our
education system .No developed infrastructure is there. Lack


of schools, colleges and Universities .Due to poor
education people lack skills and vision .Education is not the piling of books
and degrees It is basically the skills student have .

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There is not a well-developed education system .
Government is not taking strict action against this .As in private sectors well
educated teachers are not available In government sectors buildings are not in
proper shape In some cases they don’t even have clean drinking water. In
Madrassa systems are cheap but they are not producing children who can get jobs
therefore the poor remains poor .They have typical thoughts and typical
information is taught in madraassa system. The teaching methods need to be updated.
The teachers should be hired based on the qualifications. 




Proper Upbringing of
child in emotional, physocological, social, behavioral aspect is called
education. It plays an important 

role in our society.
It plays an important role in the country growth. Education gives light to
judge between right or wrong.

Education gives us the
awareness to judge between the right or wrong to choose the right path It is
basically the light light which

can be spread all over
the world. 

Education is not just
the piling of books and degrees It is basically the awareness, the enlightens.
Sometimes the person

 having many
degree does not having any skill and does not even know what he or she has
achieved from that degree.

True education is the
one which develops the skills in you that in the years to come you can utilize
in a proper way and 

Can transfer that
knowledge to others. As we all know that we learn more and more If we start to
share our knowledge 

With others.

True education help us
to become good professional, a good human being and for sure a good citizen .
If we attain or 

Achieve education in a
proper way that by fulfilling its all requirements we can become a good
professional. When you have

Better education and
you are a good human being then you can imagine how effective role you are
playing in every field.

In Islam education was
given a lot of importance we can see back in history that there are too much
examples present.

Our Holy Prophet
(S.A.W) asked the educated people to teach the non-educated one. Many of
examples are present that 

The persons having
education were given respect as 

“From life till grave
we have to learn”

There is no proper age
to seek education we can attain in every age at any moment of our life.

 A human being is

Transformed in a
better shape if he or she owns a better education.

Education system in
Pakistan is really having a bad configuration at the moment. There is no

doubt in accepting the
fact that education stands the backbone for the development of nations.

Looking at the history
of nations, we may safely reach the conclusion that the advanced nations

of the world could
reach the zenith of prestige and power taking support from education. The

allocations for
education are too meager, and in spite of allocation, the amount is not spent

what it was meant for
as the corruption is found in all the tiers of education and also because of

the same delivery from
the government institutions that is much below the desired and aspired

levels. Private
education in Pakistan is far reaching for the poor and the turnover of this

education does not
serve the country the way they are supposed to.

As the education
system of Pakistan is not well developed .The well-developed schools colleges

 are not present in Pakistan.

In start 1947,
educational policies were developed constitutions were made amendments were

 but we don’t have

any continuity in our
educational system. So we are standing at this point that some people

 with master’s degree still 

does not have any job.
They are jobless because they do not have that skills which is actually a

 There is a lack of
skills,vision,determination, integrity . Most of people lack these skills .
Through passing years innovation 

Has been done. But Our
government does not take any proper or strict action as one government come
starts to perform 

its duties after some
years the second government does not agree with this policies and which effects
in the poor damaged 


Due to lack of
education we are unable to decide which approach we have to follow, what education
system is right which

transforms us in
better skills. 

The types of school
systems are private, public, madrassas and the homeschooling centers . As we
are familiar that

 in most of the
government sectors there are not proper facilities even in most government
schools clean drinking water

and washrooms are not
even avaialable. In some cases the students do not own their books . Monitoring
has to be done 

Of education systems
If monitoring is well we can develop a better education system.

As we all are familiar
that international language is used in the schools to focus on the global
importance of

communication. Native language is not in focus in schools. In my opinion the
Native language Urdu should be  there

at primary levels .The
use of the regional languages . For this the medium of instruction at primary
level is required .

Textbook translators
is required that should be provided by the government.

Every school demands
that student should excel on international level

Education system is
having two mediums which divides the students altough the societies in two

We are familiar with
the thing most of the government sectors are Urdu medium and maximum of private

are English medium.
There are many regional differences that is the cause of poor education system.

 in Pakistan.
There should be one syllabus one medium for all education systems. There should
be one system for all private 

schools are not affordable
at all .which marginalizes poverty stricken students . It creates superiority
and inferiority 

complex among
students. There should be one system for every citizen in order they can attain
a better education .

Private and Public
sectors create disparity in quality

The quality and
quantity of education is not up to the mark. The quality of education is not up
to the mark specially 

In government schools
. As most of the teachers are not well educated does not having any skill and
they are here 

to teach the students
which will harm the student career badly we can not the produce that citizens
or professionals

what we dream for.
Schools specially in Rural areas and the provinces like Balochistan and Sindh
do not have the good quality.

As comparitive too
these two provinces Punjab is very much better.

 There are many
ghost schools present . As i a research i gone through the news that the
reporter is asking some questions

from the teacher
present in class and the students in the class . Students were able to answer
some of the questions but the

teacher don’t even
have a background about that and all the questions were asked from the relevant
text book. 

To resolve such kind
of issues teacher Recruitment should be purely on merit . Most of the people
get admission 

on the base of money
and get degress with money and lack skills . This should be overcomed because
it is the main

cause of poor
education system.

Gender bias
discrimination is the major cause we are facing now a days. People now a days
have very conservative mind.

They don’t want there
girls to get education and go outside to seek education.Due to this the ratio
of girls in institutes is very less

as compared to that of
boys. Sometimes due to family pressure females are not allowed to study further
In rural areas this concept 

has been made that boys
are here to seek education and girls should be married they should not be given
pure proper education.

The female students
ratio is very low as compared to male students. Many of the omen do not have
access to the education which is

not a problem at
indiviual level but at national level

 As it was said
that  Give me good mothers I will give you a good nation this shows that
how much women education plays an important role

As the chinese proverb
goes women hold up half the sky and we cannot progress if women are not allowed
and given access to education.

Women should be given
their equal rights . and better education should be given to women

The other factors
which are affecting our education system badly are that the infrastructure of
Education systems is not well developed .

 The teachers are
not having pure knowledge . Due to less income poverty many of the students can
not get proper education.

Many of the education
systems are not well developed which may affect the career of students badly
.  Now a days any one can get admission in 

high quality schools
on the base of money . They can buy anything from money .  People
belonging to high class can buy degrees  from money

 without having
appropriate education . They lack skills ,vision in them . They are not capable
to deliver better education among the students.

 We are facing so
many problems and difficulties in our education system that need to be resolved

In order to transform
into a better nation . Strict actions by government has to be taken.

We are facing a lot of
problems in which gender discrimination is the major cause . People are having
very conservative thoughts that they do not allow there female girls to go
outside and seek better education . They only want their boys to get education
and want their girls to get married at early age. Due to this they don’t have
enough education and can’t teach their family children well . Those women have
narrow minds . They cannot think in that way the way the people who are
educated can think. To resolve this 
issue we have to make more and more schools to improve the quality and
quantity of schools . The infrastructure of school should be developed . The
teachers should be hired on the basis of education they should be well educated
and should produce the students which will become professionals and good
citizens in future life. So that every deserved person can get better job.

Our education system
is very much destroyed. We should maintain our education system. These problems
should be solved and a better education system should be developed . The economy cost
is relatively very high in private schools as compared to that of government
schools. We can get admission anywhere if we have appropriate amount of money .
Now a day’s degree can be easily bought if we have money Rich people can easily
get jobs everywhere easily and the ones who belong to middle class and the poor
families cannot get job easily. They are having degrees but since they do not
have proper job.

is need to implement the educational policy. We should provide equal
opportunity to the students’ equal rights should be given to the students so
there should not be any superiority complex among the students .Counselling of
parents should be allowed to choose the better field. As we know that education
is the backbone of every country and its nation. So we should develop a better
education system.

reforms required in the education system of Pakistan cannot be done by the
government alone, public-private participation and a mix of formal as well as
non-formal education can pull out majority of country’s population from
illiteracy. Similarly, to make the youth of the country an asset, attention
should also be paid to vocational and technical training.  

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