Abraham Lincoln: Most Effective President?    As you may know the U.S has had many presidents since its independence from Britain. There have been some very respectful presidents and some very bad presidents throughout history. When George Washington first stepped into office things were a lot more simple than they are today. Although George Washington was a great president, Abraham Lincoln was definitely the most effective because he freed the slaves, ended the Civil War, and brought the nation together.    Abraham Lincoln helped free the slaves in January of 1863 when he delivered the Emancipation Proclamation. This stated that all slaves would be free under this federal law which was superior to any one state law or proclamation. Lincoln had been working on the proclamation since September of 1862, but he wanted to wait until the new year came to free the slaves(TC). However, he did the best he could  enforcing the emancipation of the slaves throughout the Civil War he could not ensure that the proclamation would be followed or even respected.    In 1864 Abraham Lincoln promoted future president Ulysses S. Grant to be the commander of  every Union Force. Later on that year General William T. Sherman marched from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Atlanta Georgia which would be known as the “March to the Sea. This helped secure Abraham Lincoln’s reelection in 1864 and was a major event in the taking of the South. In April of 1865 General Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia ending the Civil War(AZ).      Abraham Lincoln was in a booth at Ford’s Theatre in 1865 when he was shot in the head and died the next day. The entire nation mourned for him with former Confederate General Joe Johnston saying ” Mr. Lincoln was the best friend we had. His death is the worst thing that could happen for the south.” This death brought the nation quickly back together as people realized the sudden importance of the death of the president. Andrew Johnson , although, did not rebuild the south and did a very poor job as president(Qaurtz).     As president George Washington was very effective and a natural leader.         This is how Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, ended the Civil War, and brought the nation together. Although he did not have much time to rebuild this beautiful nation he did leave his mark on it. He was a marvelous president and is still one of the most effective and respected American presidents today. He lives on through death and will always be remembered throughout American history as one of if not the best American president.

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