About ultrapure water in the production of syrups

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two years ago, I got an opportunity to join Glaxo SmithKline, Sri Lanka (a
British pharmaceutical company) as a trainee chemical engineer, where, for
the very first time, I experienced the practical implementation
of membrane engineering in reverse osmosis system to produce ultrapure water in
the production of syrups like Panadol, Piriton, etc. Even though I had some
fundamental insight into the hydrodynamic aspects of membrane engineering at
that time, it did not take me long to realize that proper handling of this sort
of processes requires some higher level of understanding. Driven
by curiosity, I and my classmates chose to design a chlor-alki plant using
membrane cell technique as our undergraduate design project, giving
myself an opportunity to expand the understanding on membrane science beyond
the undergraduate curriculum. It was during this project as well as
during my training period, I developed a particular interest in the area of
membrane engineering, primarily due to its highly interdisciplinary nature.

undergraduate studies have provided me with a comprehensive background in
chemical engineering. The curriculum included all the basic courses such as
environmental science, heat and mass transfer, process dynamics and control,
particle technology etc. The main research activity I have participated and
completed so far is my undergraduate research project, which is a compulsory
requirement for the successful completion of the undergraduate course. In
addition, I am currently involved in a research to design a dense gas release
consequences analysis tool for the inherently safer design of process streams.
graduation, I worked as a teaching assistant (Instructor) at the University of
Moratuwa (UoM), and I was promoted to the Lecturer (contract) position due to
my excellent academic records. As an academic at UoM, I had the opportunity to
gain practical experiences in both academic and research environments, which
helped me to prepare myself for graduate studies. 

My aspiration is to
be an expert in the field of membrane engineering. I believe that there will be
numerous opportunities to learn quite a lot and develop essential competencies,
directly from well-experienced personnel in the field, during my postgraduate
degree program. Furthermore, Considering the number of experts working in the
area of membrane engineering and the availability of some cutting-edge research
centers, EM3E-4SW program seems to be an ideal fit to fulfil my long-term
objective. In addition, this master program provides a great platform to meet
students from all over the world and experience the vibrant and enticing
cultures in Europe. So, I am determined
to give my best possible contribution towards the successful completion of
EM3E-4SW program by maintaining self-motivation and hard work consistently at
higher levels.

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