Abigail GrangerMrs FinmacDiscursive essay12 January 2018                                                           AbortionLIfe can be really hard on us , in some cases , an abortion is the only option available. It is only fair for  the mother whether she will get an abortion or not  as she is the one who would have to carry a child for nine months , and to have to go through the pain of childbirth. Having a child can bring joy to people , but only really to those who actually want kids , and who are mentally , physically and financially stable enough. Some women get an abortion for various reasons , like if they will be a single parent and if they feel as if they aren’t ready to be a parent. 10-20% of new mothers experience postpartum depression which is a severe form of depression, sometimes mothers find it difficult to connect with their baby and they feel guilty and feel anxious.Many mothers who give birth to ‘accidental babies’ also find it difficult to connect , but still have an attachment . There are many risks of pregnancy , one of them is having a child over the age of forty , as this has been proven to connect directly to babies born with defects and down syndrome.But  as well as that , there are medical emergencies that can compel a woman to terminate her pregnancy  , usually if the mother and/or the baby are at risk.Sadly , there are cases where a woman has been sexually assaulted and fell pregnant with her assailant’s baby , they might not want to raise a child who would remind them of what happened to them , and they might not be mentally and/or physically stable enough to look after the baby, especially if the mother is a minor.Technologies such as ultrasonography and karyotyping as well as many other methods have provided disease and abnormality detection amongst unborn babies , so giving birth to an unhealthy baby and watch it struggle is only putting the child through more pain , it is cruel to say but true.But giving birth to an unwanted baby can cause psychological damage to both the mother and baby such as a greater chance of illness and/or death , also teen mums with an unwanted baby are most likely to fall ill with anemia , toxemia , birth complications and/or death.Abortions can affect a woman mentally , however many people don’t understand the traumas that other have had to deal with as they haven’t experienced it themselves first hand. There are a lot of responsibilities that come along with parenthood , in the past , it was much more difficult to raise a child in a low income finance family , but it is difficult  to raise a child without a steady income or financial support still but much easier than it was back then .Whether you agree or disagree , abortion has been a  huge part of society . In the U.S alone , 4,000 cases of abortion are reported on a daily basis. On one hand, getting an abortion can be a miserable experience however , on the other hand , it can be a miserable experience giving birth and caring for a child you never wanted. It’s impossible to play by the ‘rules in life’ , especially when it involves a human life. Personally i believe getting an abortion is okay and it shouldn’t be frowned upon anymore as its proven its value in society.

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