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Abdul E.Ms.Luke12-22-16B210Global WarmingEarth has its own control system, the oceans, the land, the air, the plants and animals, and the energy from the Sun all affect each other to make everything work in harmony. Nothing changes in one place without changing something in another place. Climate is the big picture. It is the big picture of temperatures, rainfall, wind and other conditions over a larger region and a longer time than weather. For example, the weather is always rainy in Phoenix, Arizona But the climate for Arizona is always dry. Much of Southern California also has a dry, desert climate. Brazil has a tropical climate because it’s warm and rains there a lot.When the world’s temperatures get warmer, a few things happen. The water cycle speeds up, causing more rain, droughts, wildfires and extreme heat waves. There will be more greenhouse gases in the air, as the atmosphere reaches the capacity of how many gases it can absorb. Arctic ice will melt sooner and faster and won’t be as thick or hard when it reforms. The oceans will warm and cause sea levels to rise more quickly, which can cause flooding on land and water contamination and the Glaciers will melt. There are ways to stop global warming you stop using stuff that need or contain greenhouse gases. One really big way to help is to start growing your own plants and vegetables, because how do the plants, and vegetables come to stores well they take transportation, and what does the transportation these days use good gas which makes pollution. Well, first of all, they come in planes, and trucks to come to you which uses a lot of greenhouse gas. Pollution always seems as it will never stop growing. Pollution is like is like the diesis of the earth the only way to stop it is to stop using greenhouse gases. Now let’s see this in a different perspective maybe global warming could be a hoax. It just is to create a distraction to what is behind the scenes. Our atmospheric temperature has remained static for more than 18 years, the Atlantic has got colder, and the Pacific Ocean where things have heated up.  But you never know what can happen in a split second. There is a lot of stuff happening in this crazy world. There is also a lot of stuff that is causing this so-called global warming. Well for the people that think global warming is a big problem you never know the outcome.

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