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A Glimpse Into Our Future How many books have you read that began with a problem, a crisis, a bleak forecast of things to come? With the pervasion of bad news and cries from all around us that things are getting worse, it is hard not to getpulled into the pessimism and strife. Often it is even harder to see through chaotic chatter and negativity to envision the opportunity right in front of our faces.So, I would like us to begin with a visualization exercise. This is a technique used by elite athletes, successful business people and visionaries in all walks of life. The goal of this activity is to visualize (imagine) “our” perfect future. For an elite athlete, this may be a short-term success of achieving a certain speed, endurance or skill goal or a longer term of winning a metal, a game, a championship, or recognition.It would be different for everyone, but now I invite you to share a vision with me.The year is 2021 and like life in the first 20 years of the new century, the world is multi-faceted and filled with opportunity.We continue to see expansive technology innovation impacting the way we work and live, but this is not our focus at the moment. Rather, we find ourselves in a workplace filled with energetic and committed co- workers, a resourceful and dynamic management team. But we are not in an office building. Rather we are in a virtual space in which co-workers are collaborating, innovating, communicating and sharing through technology at lightening speed when and from where they want.Corporations are embracing a new kind of BRAND and a new partnership with their most valuable resourcethat allows them to thrive as an organization, cutting costs, reducing turnover and absenteeism, increasing productivity and recruiting top talent.Businesses large and small are finding new opportunities for incredible wealth generation through accessing an “underground” and currently untapped market.The healthcare industry has been transformed by more effective uses of technology, communications, connectivity and delivery systems into a healthCare system that promotes wellness, quality of life and restores the care relationship between those who care and those who need care.Business leaders are seeing their organizations thrive through the creation of a strategic employee brand with a One Team™ model that allows them to recruit and retain top talent, more efficiently manage their human resources, develop a solid competitive advantage, cut waste and improve productivity and profitability beyond what they had previously thought possible.Businesses and individuals alike share an ideology and belief that resonates throughout the organization that work responsibilities and life responsibilities do not have to be at odds. That promoting an environment that creates optimal harmony between work and life and care does not, as their predecessors may have thought, reduce productivity; it improves it. That a predominantly remote and flexible workforce is manageable, affordable and realistic if you have the right tools, oversight, ambition, training and cultural infrastructure in place and that it does not negatively impact the bottom line. That a person should never have to choose between caring for a loved one in need and being successful in their career. And that those who do not at a given time have one to care for do not have to somehow feel that they are carrying a disproportionate burdenin the workplace due to the life needs of their co- workers. That work and life and care responsibility can completely co-exist in 2021 through CareWise™ values.Okay, we are in today again. Now, be honest. The above visualization either made you feel all “warm andfuzzy” inside or completely repulsed you. Depending on your life experiences or what you see as “the realworld”, you may see much of this as a pipe dream or the perfect future to which we should aspire.If you are a business leader, you may be thinking, “We have tried much of this. This doesn’t work in reality.”If you are the average employee, middle management, you may be thinking “This would be nice but, again, there is a thing called reality.”And to this, I would say, “You are both absolutely right. This is why we must change our reality. “Change reality? That’s not possible.Is this what you have come to believe as you continue in your life doing things as they have “always” been done? The fact is that this wouldn’t be the first time a major revolution has transpired in the way we live and work. It is actually more common than you think. Often the catalyst for change is a catastrophe, war or, on a more positive note, a major social shift, an innovation or people coming together to find solutions to somethingthat just isn’t working anymore — or perhaps never worked.What if you could see this catalyst coming with 100% certainty? What if you had an opportunity to not only adapt to it, but to prepare for it, to embrace it and, as an early adopter, to benefit from it?If you are a business leader who, among other things, cares about the direction and profitability of your company, you will want to keep reading.If you or someone you know has been caring for or may be caring for a loved one in the next 35 years, you will want to keep reading.If you care about the future viability and prosperity of the United States of America, you will want to keep reading.

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