A compulsory component parts of all electronic

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A transmitter is a
device which produces radio waves by using antenna. The
transmitter generates a radio frequency alternating current, which is
applied to the antenna and the antenna radiates radio waves.

                Transmitters are compulsory component parts of all
electronic devices that communicate by radio, such as walkie-talkies and radio.
The term transmitter is restrained to equipment that produces or
generates radio waves for communication purposes. Generators of radio
waves for heating such as microwave ovens are not usually called
transmitters, even though they have same circuits.

can be discrete piece of electronic equipment, or an electrical circuit within
another electronic device. A transceiver is a transmitter and a receiver combined
in one unit.  Most transmitters is used
for radio communication of information over a distance. The
information provided to the transmitter in the form of electronic signal, such
as an audio signal, a video signal and a digital signal from
a computer. The transmitter bind the information signal to be carried with the
radio frequency signal which generates the radio waves, which is called
the carrier signal. This procedure is called modulation. Several ways
of data can be added to the carrier, in different types of transmitters. In
an amplitude modulation (AM) transmitter, the data is added to the
radio signal by varying its amplitude. In a frequency modulation (FM)
transmitter, it is added by varying the radio signal’s frequency slightly.

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The radio signal from the transmitter is implemented
to the antenna, which radiates the energy as radio waves. The antenna may
be enclosed inside the box or attached to the outside of the transmitter, as in
portable devices such as cell phones and walkie-talkies. In more powerful
transmitters, the antenna may be located on top of building or on a separate
tower, and connected to the transmitter by a transmission line or feed line.


The FM transmitter is a circuit that uses
a very low power to function and uses (Frequency Modulation) FM Waves
to transmit the sound. With the aid of such FM transmitters we
can easily transmit audio signals with through the carrier waves with different
frequency. The frequency of the carrier wave would be the same as for the
audio signal with an amplitude. The FM Transmitter produces a range of
VHF from 88 HZ to 108 MHZ.

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