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ruling has gone back all the way 2000 BC. Even when the Ming dynasty came to
power in 1368, the Chinese were already an advanced society.



Ming’s ruled for 300 years, from the years 1368 and 1644. The first thing was
the leader of a peasant’s revolt which drove the Mongols out of china. Under the
Ming’s, china became politically, economically and culturally strong. The Ming emperors
were absolute rulers who ruled through decrees which were carried out by
officials. These officials, called mandarins, were chosen by a competitive
system of examinations. They found a highly efficient civil service. The
capital of Ming was in Beijing which was made up of three cities built in a
series of rings. The inner was a forbidden city, with beautiful places, gardens
and temples. This was where the Ming family would live. The emperor was
worshiped as the “son of heaven”. He would never be seen by ordinary people.
Outside the inner city was the walled imperial city where all the officials and
guards lived. Both of these were surrounded by the commercial city where
merchants, craftsmen and ordinary people lived.

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Chinese sent their skills, porcelain and tea to western Asia and Europe along
the Silk Road, which was a 6,400km overland journey through to the
Mediterranean Sea. China also traded with japan through sea and also with other
countries around the Indian Ocean. The Ming’s built many ships for trade.in the
early 15th century, the Ming emperor sent large fleets of ships to
trade and explore the Indian Ocean.


has been and sort of is now still one of the politically, not so much with
their economy but are still culturally strong. China now is not a monarchy any
more nor do they have very decree rules. Although much has been changed in
China they are still one of the most advanced countries in the world





one of the most developed places in the world and sometimes you just wonder
what were they like before all this happened.


the middle ages people were divided into small kingdoms and states in which the
landowners had full power of it. People who owned land were known as nobles who were rich because that land
has been theirs for generations. Most of these people lived in castles on large
estates. The peasants were known as serfs.
The serfs lived in villages in the estates, the serfs were controlled by the
landowners, whose responsibility was to take care of them. He would give the
some and a small portion of the crops that they have grown. These serfs would
have to do military service, manual labour and pay some tax to the landowner.
Not many people owned land so a good majority of the people were poor, they
didn’t even know how to read or write and barely even knew what the world was
like outside. One of the most important people was the priest of the church
because they were the only few who could read, so people would rely on them on
many things.


the Middle Ages few people barely even travelled far from their own land so you
tend to wonder how they got other resources, the only time people travelled far
was when you were a soldier or a pilgrim visiting very holy places. Many
Christians went of pilgrimages to go to the headquarters of the Catholic Church
and at the very same time a trade routed grew all across Europe, linking it
with Asia and North Africa. People would setup markets were the traders would
come and sell goods to them.


you can see Europe had developed really well through time going place to place
to trade and gather more goods, they were a monarchy for centuries and still
hasn’t changed since. Although it still seems the same many things have changed
like they are no more serfs on farmlands your land isn’t fully controlled by



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