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Period 1
1. Finny changes sides because in order for there to be a winner there
has to be some sort of order, and when there is none, no one can lose.

This shows Finny’s attitude toward winning, which is that if everyone
cannot win then it is better for no one to win.

2. The scene where Finny falls lingers in my mind the most, because it
was the start of the plot and had a lot of action.

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3. Finny gave up thinking that there was no war because with Leper’s
“sickness”, it hit too close to home.

4. Brinker is investigating Finny’s accident, and the witnesses are the
people that were there at the tree, along with the main witness,

5. After Finny’s second fall, he is rushed to the infirmary as Dr
Stanplole accesses the injury.

6. Finny realizes that Gene did not mean to jounce the limb, it was
merely subconscious, and Finny believes Gene
7. Gene learned about himself during the novel, and about friendship, and
how he should cherish it.

8. Finny was considered a war casualty because no army would accept him
in his condition, and he was useless to the war.


10. Gene claims that war is not caused because of a generation of stupid
people, but because all people are inconsiderate in some way like


1. The theme of A Separate Peace is


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