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A father-of-two stabbed several times and ‘left to die’ in the streets of Cardiff, a court heard.Sean Kelly was allegedly stabbed ‘at least three times’ in the leg by two men before they rode off on their bikes and left him to die.Aaron Bingham, 18, from Tremorfa and Nicholas Saleh, 46, from Adamsdown, deny the charge of murder and claim self-defense. The incident took place on Theodora Street last year in the early hours on July 13. Three days later Mr Kelly dies aged 37 at the University Hospital of Wales caused by significant blood loss.Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC said: “It was a deep wound that damaged crucial blood vessels in his left leg and caused significant loss of blood.”Quinlan said the wound was 5cm deep and 4cm long. Prosecutor said Ashley Facey is the only eyewitness in this case and was a close friend of Sean. Ashley Facey, 23, today faced cross-examination in Cardiff Crown by Prosecutor Quinlan.Ashley Facey, said: “I saw Bingham drop his bike and pull out a knife from his waist with his right hand.Ashley described in court how Sean started running but tripped over a bin and fell on his front, he flipped over, laying on his back and starts kicking his legs out of defence.Mr Facey said: “Bingham bent over him and stabbed his leg at least three times.”Ashley added: “I heard a voice saying ‘jook the other one’ “Jook is street slang for cut, slice, or stab.”Ashley explained in court how Sean got up on his feet and they both ran down Broadway.Facey said: “They chased us on their bikes and the first thing that came to my head was my little one-year-old son.”And I knew that the next thing that was going to happen was stabbing me.”Footage from CCTV cameras was shown in court of Aaron and Nicholas biking towards the crime scene.Mr Quinlan said: “They were acting together in a joint attack.”Mr Bingham stabbed Mr Kelly at an age of 18.”And Mr Saleh participated in the fatal attack.”A neighbour of Theodora Street, Casey Wozencroft, said she heard a man with a Cardiff accent shout “I will fucking kill you” and another neighbour heard “I’m going to slice him up”. Mrs Justice Jefford, told the jury: “This is a murder case which is the most serious case you can be a jury member on.”These cases sometimes arise strong feelings which I ask you to put aside while being a jury member.”The trial continues in Cardiff Crown Court.?

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