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In A Raisin in the Sun, Hansberry portrays
obstacles that the Younger family and other African
Americans had to face and over come during the post World
War 2 era. Obstacles that had to be over come by the
Youngers were economical, moral, social, and racist
obstacles. Lorraine Hansberry, the author of the play had
to face one of these as well growing up.

Born in Chicago on the south side in an all black
neighborhood, Lorraine Hansberry and her family had to deal
with segregation. Moving to a white neighborhood in
Chicago, her family had to deal with threats of violence
and legal action. Her father defended the case successfully
all the way to the Supreme Court.(sparknotes1) Her parents
were well known in national black culture and political
circles, which probably sparked her to latter become a
reporter and editor for the Freedom, a black newspaper in
Hansberry relates her life situations through her
play by having the Younger family deal with a similar
circumstance. In the play Lena Younger or better known as
mama, receives a 10,000-dollar check because her husband
had past away. She decides to buy a house in Clybourne
Park, which is an all white neighborhood. After finding out
a black family is moving to Clybourne the so-called
Organization Committee sends out a Mr. Lindner to welcome
the Youngers. He doesnt do much welcoming but rather trys
to discourage them and make them back out of their plans on
The four main characters in the play all deal with
other obstacles as well. The other main obstacles are
economical, social, and moral. Lena Younger or mama, is the
head of the household. She works in other peoples kitchens
as a cook. She probably works for very little but she puts
her daughter through college. Im sure she would rather not
be working for someone basically as a slave or for very
little money but she accepts her job because of the time
period that she was raised in. In my time we was worried
about not being lynched and getting to the north if we
could and how to stay alive and still have a pinch of
Walter Younger is the son of Lena. He is a
chauffeur for a rich white guy. He dislikes his job, and
wants to buy a liquor store, with the 10,000 dollars his
mother is collecting. He thinks if all black people tried
there own thing like opening a liquor store then they
Ruth Younger is Walters wife; they have 1 child
named Travis. Ruth does the same work as Lena does. I think
Ruth probably dislikes it more then Lena because of the
ages, but Ruth accepts it because she knows their poor and
Beneatha Younger is the daughter of Lena. She is a
straight edge type. Shes the only one in the Younger
family to go to college, and she shows it to with her
educated speech. She talks a lot about her heritage and how
every one should know about where they came from.
Economically in the play Beneatha has to deal with the lose
of her school money that her brother loses. He puts it in
the trust of one of his friends hoping to start the liquor
store, but his friend runs and her medical school money is
Loraine Hansberrys A Raisin in the Sun dealt with
real life conflicts that were truly happening at the time
she lived in. She didnt write the play to grab any one,
especially white peoples attention, but to educate
everyone on what was happening in the segregated areas.


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