Poverty, gap between the haves and the have-nots.

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Poverty, the gap between the rich and the poor, ignorance and capitalism is what I see from the image of the cover from the Economist magazine that was given by Leslie last week. This image gives a clear image for us on how the people in developed countries are trying to collect more money and pursue their own happiness while as the poor people are getting even poorer and they could not pursue their happiness; which I will explain more in the passage. First, in the image, there is a young African boy (I assume that he’s African because he has black colored skin), holding a bowl and a paper.

This symbolizes that he is poor and he lack of food which made him very skinny, most probably malnourished. Also, it tells us that poor people could not grasp a good education due to the school fee is getting higher every time. It is very ironic, realizing that with our allowance fee, we could have help the people in need; we could pay their school fees or give them food. Second, at a glance, we can see that the boy is walking toward the developed city.

This shows us that the boy doesn’t belong to the community in the big city, he might have segregated into an undesirable area, in other words, a slum area; this indicates us that there is a huge gap between the haves and the have-nots. Those well-heeled people seems to be enjoying their jet set lives and seek for more fortune; since there are less people that cares for them, the down-at-heel people are being ignored, and they are getting even more penniless because they cannot get find any job since they belong to the lower status in the society which made them denied in various occupation.

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This is the third fact that I admit as a significant symbol of the ignorance of the wealthy people at the poor people. In capitalism, most business belongs to the private owners and more companies built, so there will be more competitions among the business men/women. Where there’s more competitions, there will also be more qualified ; educated competitors which made the poor people have less chances to find a job, so they will remain jobless, which I think that this is a bit of unfair. So, is it a matter of justice?

The poor people cannot pursue their happiness because there are so many barriers as I have mentioned above, more over, the wealthy people seems that they don’t want to give them a hand because they are to busy to take care of themselves. It portrays that nowadays, there are less significant people who are willing to help the people in need. But, there are some cases that the poor people could gain a better life because they strife hard for that, which I think could be a perfect model for the poor people to have a sense of competition with the wealthy people.

Sometimes we thought having the gap between the wealthy people and the poor people is excruciating, but I think that it is an unavoidable fact as a functional necessity that the society needs a certain degree of inequality to rouse the people for a positive competition to gain a better life, to grasp a better education and to have a good future. The world is so unfair, yet it is somehow fair in a different way.

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