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A rapid development inscience and technology have thrown number of challenges which made me choseengineering. Mechanical engineering is the brain, heart and soul of theindustry in the globalized world. Mechanical engineers are becoming moreimportant in the modern world and future to come in the following years. In thenext two decades mechanical engineers will develop cleaner, safer and moreefficient machines. So, the understanding of new mechanical technologiesrequire more holistic and international view of the industry.

I am keen topursue my graduate education in University of Ontario Institute ofTechnology because global exposure to the mechanical industry is veryessential for growth in this highly competitive and advanced world. Myinsatiable thirst for knowledge and my ambition made me proceed further and dograduation in mechanical engineering. Right from my school days Ihad a strong inclination to be a mechanical engineer. My interest in this fieldrose when my father took me to a textile industry where they had an automaticweaving and printing machines. I always wondered how those machines worked andwhat the mechanism behind that machine was.

My father was the first person whointroduced me to lathe machines, CNC and VMC machines. My quest for knowledgeended when I got admission at Indus University, one of the reputed institutionsin the state. I took Mechanical engineering as my major as it offered meinnumerable choices of specialization. During these 4 years I learnt subjectslike Heat and Mass Transfer, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Refrigerationand Air Conditioning, Theory of Machines, Machine Designs, Thermodynamics,Strength of Materials and Production Management.

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These subjects helped me inbetter understanding of the various engineering aspects. I have also done aninternship during my undergraduate which has helped me to understand theconcepts and aspects on practical basis. I have learnt the principles ofmechanical engineering those are applicable to most machines, tools andprocesses, cutting parameters and production schedule. My immense effort inmaking various design and manufacturing procedures short by introducing variousscheduling cards under the guidance of the chief engineer was well appreciatedby the company.  My undergraduateeducation has given me an in-depth knowledge to the various specialtiesavailable in Mechanical Engineering. I have also generated skills like problemsolving ability, working in team and to work with subordinates. Such qualitieshas helped me to work better during my participation at the National levelSolar Car Championship called the ‘Electric Solar Vehicle Championship’ alongwith 24 other members in the team.

My role in the team was that of afabricator, which enriched my practical knowledge and imbibed many qualitieswhich is necessary for an engineer. We were ranked 33 out of 120 differentuniversities. I have also served as an Academic Head under IMEA (IndusMechanical Engineering Association) which is run by the students, for thestudents.

IMEA organizes various technical and non-technical events in themechanical department. I feel that extra-curricular activities areas important as studies in estimating a person’s overall capacity. My constantdedication towards study and practical aspects I will be able to hold a goodacademic record with a CGPA of 8.

67 on 10 point scale. My final year project was”Lower Limb Exoskeleton System” which is used for enhancing strength andendurance of humans. These are mostly used for carrying various loads inmilitary and for rehabilitation in medical field. The main aim of this projectis to design and manufacture a cost effective exoskeleton system which can beused even by a normal person.

I have learnt various cad designing software’slike AutoCAD, Inventor, Creo. In decade from now I envisage myself at a goodmanagerial position in a top industry, henceforth my short-term goal is to dograduation from a good university. A Graduate education thatwould enable me to pursue advanced degree is what I have aspired for and I amconfident that studying at the University Of Ontario Institute Of Technologyempower me with sound knowledge of the advanced principles of this field. Since, the UniversityOf Ontario Institute Of Technology has anexcellent faculty, flexible course structure, world class amenities and mostimportantly a friendly atmosphere for foreign students hence; it is the perfectdestination for pursing higher education. The degree acquired from UniversityOf Ontario Institute Of Technology will berecognized across the globe.

Furthermore, it will enable me to understand diversityin terms of languages, culture, perspectives and experiences, which will go along way in shaping my personality and give me an insight into understandingthe different behavioural patterns of people. In conclusion, I do hopethat I’ll be given a fair chance to realize my objectives by being granted anadmission. I look forward for a long and mutually beneficial Relationship withthe University.

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