A philosophies (value the male perspective) largely based

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gender role can be defined as a number of societal norms that lay down behaviours
which are normally thought to be acceptable, appropriate or desirable for
people based on sex or sexuality. Masculinism is a set of principles instituted
into the men’s movement. It involves social theories (advocacy of the rights of
men, adherence to or promotion of opinions and values), political movements (ideas
that include male views) and moral philosophies (value the male perspective) largely
based upon the experiences of men. It presents a general critique of social
relations and also helps in analysing gender inequality and promotes men’s
rights, interests and issues.

single day, a man is putting up an exhaustive façade covering the truth of his
likes, dislikes, emotions, priorities, and passions for the rest of society. In
today’s world, it is perceived that an ideal man is someone who is not only
successful as a financial provider, but is also involved as a father,
husband/partner and son.

study tries to analyse the different ways in which men are represented and the
diverse roles that they get to play in a society and thereby highlight the
various issues that they face – the startling raise in male unemployment and
homelessness, disciplinary guardianship laws that deny men custody their
children, highly competitive jobs that leave men vulnerable to stress-related
diseases, succumbing to alcoholism and substance abuse, and most importantly
breaking under the terrorising threat of living up to the stereotypical norms
of gender-related social constructs.

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this purpose, Indian men are examined based on the ideas put forth by Andrew
Kimbrell’s ‘The Masculine Mystique-The Politics of Masculinity’. The
fore-mentioned concept is applied to the works of twenty first century Indian
English Fiction written by both men and women authors (so that one can
understand the mindset of women about men and men about men) in order to
analyse and understand the differences and similarities between the concepts of
masculinities of the east and west. Some of the Indian novels chosen for this
research are Serious Men by Manu
Joseph, The Thing About Thugs by Tabish
Khair, Way To Go by Upamanyu
Chatterjee, Saraswati Park by Anjali
Joseph, The To-let house by Daisy Hasan and If I could tell you by Soumya Bhattacharya.


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