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A source can influence people by showing them how was the situationlooks like and put some facts and get their attention and emotions. I likedthis movie because it shows me how is McCarthy was abusing and accusing peopleof communism. Also, it shows me how the journalists and reporters responded tothis issue during Red Scare. Also, it shows how there were Different opinionsabout Joseph McCarthy and his way of accusing people of communism. There were agroup of reporters who were working on CBS and they tried to bring JosephMcCarthy down.

The most prominent of them was Edward Murrow, he was a reporteron CBS, he had a strong personality, a good speaker, and intelligent responses,he influences me and makes me feel like I should develop myself. I like himmore than Joseph McCarthy who I have hated him before and the movie increasedmy hate of him. Because he would accuse innocent people and they will havesummoned to court and they were unjust with them and they could send them toprison.

I felt bad for them because I don’t like to be in their situation andget accused of something that I didn’t do. The reporter who suicides makes mefeel sad. This movie was black and white to help us to create the nature of thestyle of the 1900s.

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Also, there were a lot of smokers and there was a few womenand blacks, to make you feel how the society back then how they were dealingwith segregation etc. This helps me to feel like I traveled through time andcame back and make me feel part of it and this makes it a good experience. Thisis enhanced my point of view about Red Scare and McCarthy. Because it showed mehow anxiety and fear came from people during Red Scare and when McCarthy wasaccusing people of being a communist. And it showed how many people respondedto threat of McCarthy and communism.The movie helped the historians because it’s a primary source.Which includes clips of McCarthy and his speeches.

Also, when he asking peoplein court and replying to Murrow. It helps historians to get a betterPerspective and nice information how the people responded to McCarthy and thethreat of communism, especially reporters(CBS). The movie wasn’t biased becauseit showed to us each side equally.                   

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