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A masterpiece is something that
cannot be defined or conformed to any one definition. A masterpiece is a wide
variety of definitions. In modern times a masterpiece is something that has
been critically acclaimed, or to be considered one or more person greatest
work. A masterpiece is also considered one or more persons greatest work
because it has exceptionally good creativity, skill, or innovative
craftsmanship. Historically, someone trying to create a masterpiece would be an
apprentice of a specific trade trying to prove their skill by creating a work
that would be approved by the leaders of that specific trade, demonstrating
that they have mastered this skill and can now train others.

            A canon is a word that has many
definitions, but in this instance a canon is any group of things considered, by
general consensus, to be the very best of their kind. This can mean a specific
group of people, works of literature, or art, can be a canon. A specific group artist
that are in the same genre of music and that dominate it with a certain number
of masterpieces are considered a canon. For instance, Bach, Beethoven, and
Brahms are considered the classical canon, by representing the whole of
classical music.

            Historically, people who have
mastered a trade and have been approved by a guild, are the ones who consider
what is a masterpiece. In modern times, there are no masters and there is no
guild, to determine what is a masterpiece is. For instance, a published book
lands on New York Times bestsellers list and New York Time’s editors and
critics decide to review it and call it a masterpiece, many people will believe
this book is a masterpiece, because of the clout New York Times possess.

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It is important who determines them
because it does not matter if one person in the world decides a particular book
that they like fits into a canon. Canons are seen as the standard for
excellence, what goes into a canon is important to students trying to master their
trade, whether it is music, art, or literature. Canons provide many students
with a goal and a standard. For instance, Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms are
considered the classical canon, for someone trying to master a classical canon
they would need to be able to recite their works verbatim. Canons are tools, they
provide a standard, points for reference, they help identify the most
influential artist.



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