A big percentage of people think education is just something
you get in school, but in reality education comes from different places and
people. For example, before I started school I was already being educated by my
parents, they taught me how to eat, use the bathroom, talk/walk, and a lot
other things that I still use today. Everyone grows up in different
environments such as different schools, and different societies. Throughout my
school experiences most of my teachers were women and I always wanted to be
like them. Every day after school I would go home and show off my new knowledge
to my little sister pretending I was the teacher. School has impacted my life
to a huge extent providing experiences to handle with real-life problems,
understand the basic requirements, develop and improve my skills, and
encouraged through different classroom activities. (Maybe add a quote from one of the philosophers
into introduction)

Formal education.
I attended 4 different schools and each one was different to one another. Each
school, I have a special memory to go along with it. Some were good and others
were bad. I attended Public schools my whole life. I started my educational
career in B.B. Harris elementary and was transferred to Berkeley lake
Elementary school in the 2nd grade. I don’t remember my educational years at
B.B. Harris because I was only there for two years. In 2003 my family decided
to move to Mexico for about eight months. I attended school as a _____ student.
I was there for a very short period of time. I remember their school structure
was completely different. In Mexico the teachers would make us play different
activities so we would learn our addition and subtraction equations. When I
returned to the United States into the 2nd grade I knew a lot more than most of
the students because they were still learning things I had already learned. It was
very hard for me to understand the language after returning from a country
where they only spoke Spanish. At Berkeley Lake I was placed in ESOL for a year
where I was taught how to speak English very well. In the beginning of my 4th
grade year I was placed in small group classes and given an IEP. I remember my
teacher, Mrs. Rich, who was an incredible teacher. She would give us class work
in groups and at the end of the class period she would make everyone teach the
class about the assignment different days. This method helped me a lot because
I was able to see how other students were able to solve problems and not just
the way I would solve it. All throughout Middle school and high school I was
also placed in small group classes. I believe these classes helped me a lot
because teachers had more one to one time when I had a question or needed help.

Semiformal and
informal education. Everyone has to
learn from somewhere. I learned my first words at home. I was taught how to
speak, walk, count, etc. However, during high school my neighborhood community
created a “homework club” were I was chosen to be one of the children mentors.
Even though I would help these children with their homework, I was also helped
with my homework as well as refreshing my mind with 6th grade homework. I loved
helping students because I felt like I was the student’s teacher at the moment.
(Add more-not finished)

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How you learn. My
teachers created certain situations in the classroom in which we performed
different activities based on the themes provided by them. (What activities? Which ones were
helpful or not) Like me and many other students we were Visual learners.
Visual leaners attend to information when the see something; for example:
diagrams, images, films, and even videos. The activities helped build my visualization
in challenging different circumstances. Different games were played to
encourage creativity in us the students. I was tested through assignments that
were also useful throughout my education. My teachers encouraged me to participate
in ingenious activities. I developed a broader spectrum of activities.

Conclusion (still need)

After so many years of school, I have enriched my
communication skills, enhanced intelligibility and precision. The ideas given
to me during studies were welcomed by the teachers and the development of my
skills and abilities. I can articulate that my educational life has developed
my vision, built my abilities, and influenced my life chances/ choices.

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