A heat exchanger” at Nuclear Fuel Complex,

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A subtle joy accompanied by a sense of gratification when application of our learning makes a contribution, brings value, and leads to something big. I had a chance to experience such a feeling right after my graduation, when I started working as a Software Engineer at Accenture. The fundamentals of engineering, the analytical and technical skills I gained in undergraduate paved a platform for me to learn more and perform better at my job.

And soon, I was contributing to the organization’s success and creating value. But now, after two years, I stand at a juncture, where I believe I should gain more holistic knowledge of Information Systems, to propel in my career. —-Your experience, technologies, clients at high level, also awards that you got—-  The ever growing technological advancements around me ignited my pursuit of Bachelor’s degree in Technology at Osmania University, one of the top 20 public universities in India. I opted for a major in Chemical Engineering. Here, I was exposed to state of the art research equipment and various other fundamental segments of engineering technology and management.                  During my Undergraduate Chemical engineering course, I have done a mini project on “Design of Double pipe heat exchanger” at Nuclear Fuel Complex, Hyderabad, India. which dealt with calculations for the design based on requirements.

I took it as an opportunity to showcase my analytical & quantitative skills and provided an accurate design report. My Academic major project on “Manufacture of Poly Ethylene Terephthalate” dealt with studying deeper aspects of industrial design and manufacture while optimizing the cost.  With all my desire to work in a corporate environment and my knowledge on programming languages and software industry, I secured a job as an Associate Software engineer in Accenture Solutions, India. I was majorly on testing methods and tools with fundamental knowledge across multiple technologies like JAVA, MySQL, Oracle, ERP applications, and Mainframes. Later, I was deployed into a major healthcare retail network development project for Express Scripts Inc., where I had got the chance to learn and apply my skills and abilities with precision.

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My initial role as a functional tester had the responsibilities of maintaining test scripts, test results, other test documents, and defect management, in the process I happen to learn in and out of HP ALM 12.0 by using it for all application management activities. My functional analysis and learning capabilities were always commended which made me a subject matter expert for one particular module in the application.Though my initial role was a functional tester, my zeal and abilities were identified by management, thus moving me across different roles, different technologies, and varying responsibilities.

I enthusiastically accepted and adapted to every role I was put into. I was given an opportunity to work on web services testing where I used SOAP UI to test the JAVA business services by passing XML inputs. Also, I worked on test data preparation and test result validation using MySQL for inserting and retrieving the data in Oracle database.

Also, I got a chance to learn how data migration happens from a mainframe database to an Oracle database and work on it. My adaptability to different technologies and interest in learning new tools provided me an opportunity in Performance testing, Through that role, I got a chance to learn and use HP Load Runner tool, I worked on 3 components VuGen, Controller and Analysis, Also I worked on controlling data for performance testing using virtual table server. The metrics and statistical analysis provided by me from performance testing helped my team to understand the dark spots in our application. I also got a chance to work in production support as the application went live, during this phase I worked on incident management, priority setting, root cause analysis and risk analysis. With my knowledge on Java and functional testing, I helped in setting up Automation regression scripts using Selenium with BDD framework. My idea of automating the test data creation using any automation tool came alive through this setup. My interest towards project management and performance improvement provided me an opportunity to attend SIX SIGMA and DevOps training. Also, I took online training in Accenture NewIT program on Design thinking, Security, Big Data Overview and Cloud Overview for a better understanding of industry advancements.

Throughout my professional career, I got a chance to learn and work in different methodologies of SDLC. I worked on waterfall model, Pseudo agile model and Both Scrum and Kanban agile models.Right Now I am working on pilot CRM project on PEGA platform for Geisinger, where my role is to validate the functionality of the application and validating PEGA data tables, my responsibilities also include in providing knowledge transfer to the offshore resources in understanding the functional requirements. Part of this project I started to know more about JIRA and how to use it for project management activities. My contribution and competency were rewarded by my company which awarded me young achiever award twice and performer of the month award once. My idea for the introduction of automation into test data creation was recognized and appreciated by the management.

All the work I have done, the effort I have shown along with professionalism and perfection helped me in getting promoted to Software engineer in no time. —Career aspirations—–My zeal towards learning new areas of technology and analyzing the business activities helped me decide to take up a prospective career in information systems. I believe having a formal education in information systems and management would not only help my career to accord as per my aspirations but would also equip me with profound knowledge on various core fields that are required to be a successful Information manager. My short-term goal is to seek an employment opportunity as Management Analyst/ Database analyst in the US and work on latest information management and risk strategies. I desire to gain the expertise and eventually make an indispensable contribution to the field of Information Systems. In the long term, I would like to use my expertise to set up my own business model; which would help me prosper as a Business Development Manager.

    —Why that program—–Working in a service based firm taught me the importance of information systems and I have seen how information systems can serve as a bridge between technology and business by supporting its planning, operations, and critical decision making. During my time at Accenture, I realized that the fields of Business Process Management, Data Science, and Information security entice me. Now through MIS program, I look forward to enhance my skills and take an opportunity to associate with these capabilities in real life.–On a final note—I believe that the MS in Management Information Systems program at the ……..

is the best way to achieve my goals. Given a chance, I can positively contribute to the ………… class and in turn, could mature as a professional analyst/strategist while interacting with some of the best minds in the world. I eagerly look forward to be admitted into the …………………………

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