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man is just like a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can,
alone, cause it to, reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there

am in pursuit of such education which can let me explore the wealth of
knowledge. I am really fortunate because Metallurgy is the domain where my
purpose and passion mingle. It is my belief that an undergraduate education in
engineering helps one to understand the fundamental principles of science in
such a way that one is able to successfully apply these principles to real life
situations and obtain optimal solutions. With knowledge and dedicated graduate
studies one can obtain ideal career in desired field. And getting admitted to “Engineering
Materials” at the reputed university “University of Windsor” is like icing on
the cake.

from my childhood subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics have always
been my favorite and have scored better in them. During my higher secondary
schooling, I showed special interest in Mathematics and Physical Sciences and
in order to supplement the education that I received in school, I became a
habitual reader of Science magazines and, books. As a direct consequence of
this, I came to know of the latest developments in the field of Science and
Engineering. Out of the many domains of human endeavour in Science and
Engineering, the domain of Metallurgy be the most interesting for me. After
passing my 10+2 classes with excellent score I however, could earn a seat in
Indus University ranked among the best. The curriculum has equipped me with a
strong foundation academically, a sound grounding in fundamentals of
Metallurgical Engineering and has kindled in me, a passion to chase challenges.
Apart from acquiring theoretical knowledge, I received hands on experience in
the workshops on various aspects of Engineering. The theory courses that I did
were well complemented by a number of laboratory courses which have given me
hands on experience in areas as diverse as Metallurgical Thermodynamics,
Principle of Extractive Metallurgy, Plastic Deformation of Metal, Composite
Materials, Electrometallurgy and Corrosion, etc. I seek to focus my interests
in this field through a more rigorous and in-depth understanding by way of a
Master’s Degree. Right
from the entrance examination to the under graduation, it has been a journey
filled with discovery, determination, enthusiasm and curiosity. These have
fuelled in me a desire to pursue a career in Metallurgy.

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have striven to perform well in the courses and have tried to gain as much as I
could from them. But I feel what qualifies a good graduate student is his
ability to perform independent research work. I had an opportunity to do
internships at the Modern Investment Cast and Aegis Techno Cast. Following
these I also attended one week training programme on “Welding Practices for
Engineers” held at Government Engineering College, Gandhinagar. In addition my undergraduate
thesis was “Comparative Study of Different Quenchants on Tool Steel”. This
project was focused to get the optimum properties for Tool Steel by
differentiating characteristics of various Non-traditional Polymeric quenchants
as well as traditional quenchants used as a quenching media. In these practical
implementations required me to take intelligent engineering decisions to make
the process efficient. Consistently I marked more than distinction in my
undergraduate studies and hence I got employment as Production Engineer. While
working with Sakar Industries Pvt. Ltd. I realised that under graduate studies
are not capable to pursue my dreams therefore I started searching for Master’s
courses all around the world.    


of Windsor is an ideal platform to realize my aspirations because its major
subjects in Materials and Manufacturing. In my opinion, this esteem university
with its commendable research facilities and renowned faculties will provide me
with a suitable environment to pursue Masters of Engineering in Engineering
Materials. Very few universities provide master’s course on Co-operation with
industrial experience. It is located at Windsor city in southernmost part of
Canada. Windsor is known as automotive hub of Canada and a city of diverse
culture. I am passionate towards practical researches which would train me to
find solutions of the problems faced at Industrial level. By providing me with
ample opportunity for acquisition of knowledge and a concurrent process of
self-discovery, I am sure the graduate program from University of Windsor will
groom me to conducting independent research and serve as a launch pad for a
research career either in the industry or the academic.

am one of those who dreamt of having higher studies in Canada. Canada is a land
of quality universities and a treasure of opportunities, those are looking for.
Moreover Canada boasts an enviable quality of life with a cost of living that
is lower than other countries. Canada also provides students a chance of
different assistantship and even options of working simultaneously as part time
job, which will help in subsidizing tuition fees of the university.

to lack of educational opportunities in India I hereby want to pursue my
graduation in Canada which offers international exposure. The recent changes in
norms by Indian government have made it easier to set up manufacturing plants, this
has brought various MNC’s which provide reputed positions with fruitful
benefits to seekers. So I am looking forward toward an opportunity and call of
the future for employment in India.


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