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A hero to some a monster to
others Che Guevara was the man who would revolutionize Argentina until his
death on October 9, 1967 in La Higuera, Bolivia So what exactly happened to the
man who was once idolize by others you may say? Che Guevara was born on June
14, 1928, Rosario, Argentina to the parents of Ernesto Guevara Lynch and his
mother Celia de la Serna y Llosa. He was the oldest of five children from a
wealthy class in an Argentine family. 
Early in his live Che Guevara developed empathy for the poor this
empathy that Che Guevara developed would further enhanced as he grew older.
After graduating from his high school with honors Che Guevara went to college
at University of Buenos Aires from 1948–1951 He would go to the university to
study medicine he did not graduate as he left in 1951 to travel around the vast
South America with a close friend and the poverty stricken area and disease
plagued country had a huge effect on Che Guevara He would go to the university
to study medicine he did not graduate as he left in 1951 to travel around the
vast south America with a close friend and the poverty stricken area and
disease plagued country had a huge effect on Che Guevara He would go to the
university to study medicine he did not graduate as he left in 1951 to travel
around the vast South America with a close friend and the poverty stricken area
and disease plagued country had a huge effect on Che Guevara. He is recall
saying that “In these circumstances people in poor families who can’t pay their
way are surrounded by an atmosphere of barely disguised acrimony; they stop
being father, mother, sister, or brother and become a purely negative factor in
the struggle for life and, by extension, a source of bitterness for the healthy
members of the community who resent their illness as if it were a personal
insult to those who have to support them” (Guevara, 2004). Che Guevara Family
wished he had become a doctor, but a motorcycle tour led him down a different
path.  Che Guevara and his friend Alberto
rode together on an old Norton motorcycle nicknamed The Mighty One. Their first
voyage was in 1950 this voyage included a 2,800 miles trip to northern
Argentina. Then they traveled all the way to Chile and thus this was the fall
of the motorcycle “The mighty one” they ditch their bike and traveled on foot
and caught rides on the back of trucks heading for an interior of Chile to see
the world’s greatest copper mine in Anaconda’s Chuquicamata and while here in
Chile he saw something that he never seen before the face of poverty. Che
Guevara became outraged of the working conditions of the miners Che Guevara was
recalled meeting a “couple who did not even own a blanket” (Guevara 1952).  From Chile Che Guevara traveled to Peru and
continued to Venezuela after seven months on the road Alberto decides to stay
in Venezuela while Che Guevara decide to return home to Bueno Aires to complete
his last year of medical school and that he did he finished his medical degree
making him Dr. Ernesto Guevara. During an interview with Dr. Ernesto he said,
“that through his travels in Latin America, he came in “close contact with
poverty, hunger, and disease” along with the “inability to treat a
child because of lack of money” and “stupefaction provoked by the
continual hunger and punishment” that leads a father to “accept the
loss of a son as an unimportant accident.” It was these experiences, which
Guevara cites as convincing him that to “help these people,” he
needed to leave the realm of medicine, and consider the political arena of
armed struggle” (Guevara 1953). Upon graduating from the University of Buenos
Aires headed out again this time for Bolivia along the way they meet other
young travelers. They had invited them to see Guatemala Che Guevara was
intrigued by the situation in Guatemala in which president Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán
attempt to bring about a social revolution to bring about land reforms.
December 24, 1953 was that date Che Guevara first arrives in Guatemala soon he
was introduced to Hilda Gadea Acosta who she later introduced to Fadel Castro a
26-year-old Cuban lawyer who led an attack on the Moncada Barracks in order to
over throw the Cuban government. On june 27th 1954 Castillo Armas is place in
power seen by many as an American puppet he mass arrested anyone who he
suspected to have ties with communism and old reign threaten with jail Che
Guevara takes refugee at this moment was when Che Guevara famously said
American was the “enemy of Humanity.” On September 1954 Che Guevara headed for
Mexico City where he was introduced to Raul Castro where raul set him up with a
meeting with Fidel Castro a meeting that would last all night. Fidel Castro
invited Che Guevara to join the July 26 movement and was now planning to
overthrow the dictatorship of Cuban government Fulgencio Batista. Hilda who was
left behind in Guatemala joins che where she announced to him that she was
pregnant and thus formed a marriage with her soon after the birth of his
daughter che pours all his energy into the movement.  Initially Che Guevara was going to be the
groups’ medic due to his Medical history background but “Guevara participated
in the military training with the members of the Movement. The key portion of
training involved learning hit and run tactics of guerrilla warfare. From the
start Guevara was Alberto Bayo’s “prize student” among those in
training, scoring the highest on all the tests given. At the end of the course,
he was called “the best guerrilla of them all” by their instructor,
General Bayo” (Snow 2009). But word got out about Che, Fidel Castro and most of
the July 26 movement members in the city were arrested at attained they were
arrested for about a month and released. November 25, 1956 Che and the
Guerrillas head to Cuba to overthrow the government. They would arrive to Cuba
two days late and in broad daylight before the troops had a chance to regroup
Baptiste and his air force group attack sending Castro group fleeing, but
unfortunally more than 2/3 of the army was killed. Only 17 of the original 82
was left they would all regroup to the Playa De Los ColoKauds mountain range.
On January 27th, 1957 the rebels stage an ambush on army patrol. Following this
the small group of 17 had to execute one of their own men Eutímio Guerra who
was discovered to be a spy. Che and Fidel ruthlessness would soon catch
attention from the world press. The article would confirm that Che and Fidel
were still alive amidst the air force group attack as a response Baptiste would
deploy 1,500 more rebels to hunt and take down. Fidel seeing how well Che
performs in battle promotes him and gives him his first military command with
75 men. Che and his men marched 370 miles to Santa Clara where he met Aleida
March: She was a supporter of the July 26 movement she would often smuggle
weapons and messages they would soon become lovers. On December 27, 1958 Fidel
commands Che to assault Santa Clara Despite being outnumber 10 to 1 Che Guevara
would successfully be able to take full control of Santa Clara. January 2nd,
1959, they have now gained control of Cuba due to Baptista fleeing in defeat.
Fidel Castro would soon implement the first changes in Cuba which included free
election and no communism and not taking seize of land from anybody yet when
Fidel Castro was sworn in as prime minister no election took place. Fidel ordered
Che to look over La Cabaña Fortress where he would order exactions of those he
found guilty. In which he killed over hundreds of people. June 12, 1959 Che
Guevara would leave Cuba to meet with the Soviet Union in which he offers a
deal which involve tons of sugar a deal the united states did not accept.
Praised by the public Fidel Castro took note of this and Che was appointed head
of the industrialization department and was appointed president of Cuba’s
national bank. In which he decreases the standard of living. Fideal Castro
nationalize all foreign oil companies which was a terrible mistake because as
the result of this the united states placed a trade embargo on all exports to
Cuba which caused thousands to flee from Cuba. But little did they know a
secret war was about to take place in which the united states planned to invade
Cuba. Fidel gives che command of Cuba’s army near Havana, but the invasion came
from an area of Cuba known as the bay of pigs in which it ended in a disaster
for the United States. By 1963 Cuba’s economy was in an all-time low che
Guevara solution was to stop relying on the soviet and spread the resolution
around the world. And on December of 1964 Che Guevara came to New York to
address the united nations in which he criticize the united states involvement
in Vietnam and also openly criticize the soviets which led to a private meeting
with Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as a result caused Che to “disappear” from
Cuba he used this opportunity to train rebels in the art of guerilla warfare in
the Congo. Due to the disappearance of Che many people including the united
states believed that Che Guevara was exile many also speculated that Fidel
Castro ordered his death, as a response Castro read a letter addressed by Che
which basically stating that he resign his position in Cuba. Che Guevara camp
in which he trained his followers was discovered and nearly over run Fidel urge
che to retreat and come back to Cuba in which he refused as a response Fidel
told che that he brokered a deal that would allow him to go to Bolivia Che
accepted. His plan was to train a guerilla force that would be able to wipe out
capitalism and be able to put communism in its place basically starting a world
war 3. November 1966 Che arrived in la paz with a new identity when he arrives
in la paz he makes his way to a base where he would be introduced to Loyola
Guzman and other members of the party when they arrive to Bolivia none of what
Fidel promised was there: no support, No vegetation no livestock etc. Yet Che
would continue with his plan. While the army was on patrol Che would split the
group into two. They were instructed to try to get a message out to Fidel
Castro in which they were unsuccessful due to being taken prisoner by Bolivia
forces. One of the men who were captured Ciro Bustos drew images of the Cuban
guerilla and due to this they were able to see Che Guevara profile and in June
1967 the CIA sent agents to Bolivia to track down and eliminate Che Guevara. As
Che Guevara noticed things were heating up he commands that his group would
flee to the Rio Grande to make there escape hakim group would make it there
first and as they crossed the river they were killed. By September Che Guevara
and his group were trying rigorously trying to survive Che Guevara at this time
lost half of his body weight and his men were reported to started hallucinating
and on October 8th they were spotted by a local farmer who in return
report it to a local officer They were then surrounded and trap by Bolivian
soldiers and on October 8, 1967 after 11 months on the run Che Guevara was
taken prisoner. And one day after his capture the Bolivian government ordered
for the execution of Che. And on October 9th,1957 Mario Teran a
young executioner shot and killed Che Guevara with the cause of death Battle

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