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A. It allowed for more productivity,and allowed people to transport raw materials because of the inventions of new machines.provided new job opportunities. Railroads were a cheap way for manufacturers to transport their goods between distant towns. Led to (urbanization) movement of people into cities and city building. Citizens wanted to live closer to the factories that they worked at.


B. Urban areas grew large in size which led to overcrowding in cities. It caused many health problems, living conditions were dirty and unhealthy. Cities were unsanitary and there were no sanitation codes in cities. Factory work was dangerous and unsanitary, workers were underpaid and overworked. There were no regulations established; Child labor was popular since children could do work that required tiny hands.



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A. Nuclear family- a couple and their dependent children

Cult of domesticity- The cult of domesticity, (A.K.A cult of true womanhood) an opinion about women in the 1800s; believed that women should stay at home and should not do any work outside of the home.


B. The Government passed a Factory Act to improve conditions for children working in factories. Employers now had to age certificates.


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